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Valentines Cards Help Keep the Spark Alive

  • By Bill Weston
  • Published 01/18/2012
  • Writing

Every day should be a celebration of your love and commitment to your loved one; but with your boss overworking you, the school run and the dog yapping at your toes it’s hard to keep the spark alive. By doing something as sweet and simple as sending Valentines cards to your partner, you can be sure you’ll remain in their good books an your significant other will know how you truly feel. It’s the perfect way to put down on paper how you really feel about them (As long as it’s romantic of course!) and to get you in your good books for the coming year. Sending personalised Valentines cards is a perfect solution to reignite the inner romantic in you. Many card companies now offer this personal and affordable service; just make sure you follow these simple steps to get it right. Far better than your run of the mill card, you can select photos from your computer or phone so it is totally unique. Having a picture of both of your faces framed by a heart is sure to get even the hardest of souls swooning and remind them of the good times. Getting the right card

Is your partner a hopeless romantic o

r does she dig your sense of humour? When choosing a card pick out something they would like and explains the nature of your relationship. This will then remind your partner why they are with you and you’ll be on the right track to making your card original. If creating your own card, choose colours that your significant other would like or upload a photo that marks a special time in your relationship. You can choose to keep the original layout of the card or totally play around it and make it unique to you. Get the message right Let’s be honest, not all of us are Shakespeare. Many of us will spend ages on deliberating on the style and look of the card and then struggle to write a meaningful message. Again, the important thing here is just to remember to make sure your message fits your relationship. Write the lyrics or quote a favourite film you both love. Although these are not your own words this act will connect you both. Try not to go over the top, be sincere and before you know it February 14th will be your perfect romantic day.

Just remember to send one! We all want to feel appreciated so put a smile on your loved one’s face and send them Valentines Cards on February 14th.



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