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Various maintenance methods of belts

  • By kiki lili84
  • Published 11/25/2010
  • Copywriting

 When it comes to the maintenance of belts, it is believed that most of you will be surprised that the belts also need your maintenance. Indeed, in our daily life, most of us will forget to offer our maintenance to our belts for what so ever. However, it is believed that your belts deserve your attention as well as maintenance if they are really valuable or you are fond of them pretty much. Here are some useful methods in terms of the maintenance of belts and it is thought that you will benefit from them. Firstly, remove the belts as soon as possible once they get wet or wipe with a dry cloth. Besides, as the belts touch the physical bodies, they should be dried with the natural wind before being stored. Some other people suggest coating the belts with leather oil in order to better maintain the belts. Secondly, if you find your belts smelly, you had better clean them by using the soft toothbrush as well as soap and then clean them with clear water. The whole process is suggested to be completed during the period of no more than 15 seconds. Then, dry the belts with natural wind or a hair dryer.  In addition, according to some professional sales people, it is suggested that consumers should paint a little leather oil on the surface of the belts as the leather oil does not only protect the belts, but also perfects the maintenance work. However, do not immerse the belts for a long time. Thirdly, in terms of the belts of watches, it is strongly recommended that people should not wear them in hot summers or during the process of sport activities as the sweat will also do harm to the belts. If it is necessary to wear the belts on those occasions, try to dry them as soon as possible in order to prolong the life of your belts breitling watch


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