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Various Styles for Interior Decoration

Getting your new house done? You must be excited then. Have you thought about the interior decoration of your new house? There are various interesting styles for interior decoration like art deco ambience, Asian aura, contemporary chic, country charisma, Mediterranean magic, Victorian vanity and Retro revisited.

Let us know about some of the above-mentioned interior decorating styles in details in the following:

·         Art deco ambience– The art deco ambience style dates back to the 1920s and 30s. Simple and minimalistic structures and colors define this style. The sleek appearance is the focal point of this interior decoration style. The colors that are mostly used in this style are red, black, pale blue, light purple and white. The accentuation is done with the use of white marble, mirror, glass and steel. White marble is used for styling the floors.

·         Contemporary chic– This interior decorating style stands for style as well as comfort. Neutral colors and geometric shapes rule in this subtle style. Wooden floors, huge windows and high ceilings together make contemporary chic style highly commendable.

·         Country charisma– Country charisma style is also known as English country style. Functionality and comfort are the highlighting features of this style. This particular interior decoration style is just perfect for implementation in houses located in towns and villages. This style is particularly meant for cottage type houses. Heavy wood work is to be seen in the country charisma style. You should know that the interior décor of a house highly depends on the way the house is constructed. If you live in Perth, hire an experienced building designer Perth for the right construction of your house.

·         Mediterranean magic– The Mediterranean magic style is an interesting blend of Italian, Greek and Spanish interior decorating styles. In this style, the color white is used as the base color and a whole lot of vibrant colors are used to create the Mediterranean magic. Brick tiled floors, white plastered walls and wrought iron furnishing are the main features of this style that works well in a sea-facing house.

·         Victorian vanity– According to many interior decorators, the Victorian vanity decorating style has been developed from various interior decoration styles. A stroke of Orient style, a touch of Mediterranean magnetism and a hint of the old elegant British magic; these three styles combine together to create Victorian vanity style.

These are the various styles for interior decoration. You can choose the one that suits your house best. The building designer you have hired should have a group of efficient Perth builders.   

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