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Vegetable Recipes

  • By Francesca Rilotelli
  • Published 07/31/2012

Summer is here, and lighter fare sounds pretty good around dinnertime. We don’t need the comfort food that winter requires or at least suggests to our chilled souls. Vegetables need not be the bland green beans and corn we grew up with. They can be pureed into soups, eaten raw, or grilled to perfection. Recipes for vegetables are abundant in cookbooks, on the internet or on our favourite television cooking show. The key is to select a recipe you like, and make changes to suit your individual tastes.

Nearly all vegetable recipes can be modified to suit your family’s vegetable palate. We do not think about ways to make simple changes to make big taste change. Sometimes the change in seasoning is enough to make the vegetable taste like an entirely different vegetable. Altering the method in which the vegetable is cooked can make the vegetable look festive. Grilling vegetables maintains their vibrant colours, making for a spectacular presentation. The colours of peppers become more intense when grilled with a little bit of olive oil. Experiment with types of olive oil to perfect the flavour to your own tastes.

The summer months present an opportune time to try new vegetables. Your local farmers’ market provides an array of fresh vegetables at a reasonable cost. Be sure to check the various booths as the price can vary from dealer to dealer. Organic vegetables are also widely available at the farmers’ market just as they are in the grocery store. The vegetables at the farmers’ market will have a different appearance than those in the grocery store. They will not be as uniform, or as consistent. Growers for grocery stores grow their vegetables in specific conditions, and only sell the products which are uniform in appearance. At the farmers’ market you will find vegetable grown in the fields, subject to Mother Nature. They will be as hardy, and even more healthy and delicious as what you find in the stores; they may just not look as conventional.

If you are calorie or fat conscious, you may need to consider altering the recipe slightly to remove added anti-diet friendly ingredients. Keep an open mind, and remember vegetables can come in other forms than just salad, green beans and corn. Try something new, you may find you have a new favourite vegetable recipe.

About the Author : Francesca Rilotelli is writing about vegetable recipes


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