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Venetian blinds an overivew on how these blinds will suit your home

  • By Faye Crawford
  • Published 04/15/2011
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Venetian Blinds – An Overview Of how these blinds will suit your homeVenetian blinds were given their name in the 1700’s although some would agree that the venetian blind was invented earlier then this. Through the years they have undergone many changes however the same basic concept of an arrangement of horizontal slats remains the same. It was not until the 1940’s however that venetian slats took their form of a light aluminum frame with aluminum or wooden slats that we now know today. Since there has been many slight changes through the years it is only necessary that you must know how the blinds are manufactured today, the types of materials used, their pro’s and con’s, the wide variety of colours and textures available.Description:A typical venetian blind is made up of a head rail and bottom rail, the venetian slats, available in Aluminum or wood, ladder string, cord, tilt rod and on some venetian blinds a operating cord to raise and lower the blind. Venetian Blinds are popular because of their ability to offer privacy to any room, is you tilt the slats at just the right angle then the blind can offer a source of shade keeping out some of the unwanted bright sunlight but still giving you the option of looking outside.Metal Venetian BlindsMetal Venetian blinds are the most widely sold blinds in the World the aluminum materials used to make them I widely available and are quick to assemble on a manufacturing line. The reason that the aluminum venetian blinds are more popular then their wooden counterparts is that they can be made in a wide variety of colours, textures and can also be made with insulating properties.The wide variety of colours available will mean that you can purchase a venetian blind to suit and colour scheme within a room, from whites, to neutrals, creams, reds, yellows, greens, blues, browns, grays and blacks in a whole spectrum of different colours you will be guaranteed to find a colour that you want. For those who want a venetian blind to add some privacy to their room but do not want to loose the light in their room there are venetian blinds that come perforated in a variety of popular colours.The venetian slats also come in a variety of difference finishes, some are textured with a raised pattern embossed onto the slat, mottled slats which as the name suggests have a matt and metallic mottled effect, metallic blinds which look very effective when the light catches them at an angle. If the room you are looking to put venetian blind in is particularly cold then there are Thermo slats, which can help keep heat in. The slats also come available as matt and glossy if you prefer just the simplicity of a venetian blind.Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden blinds are noticeably more expensive then the aluminum blinds, as the wood is a more expensive resource. Wood venetian blinds are typically made from either bass wood or apache wood, when looking for a good wooden venetian blind the apache wood is a better quality, although more expensive it is not as soft as the bass wood and is a lot more durable over time, in a house with children it is especially good as it is less known to chip as easily. Bass wood venetian blinds are cheaper then apache wood venetian blin

ds as the tree which the wood comes from is fast growing and will usually produce allot of useable wood to make venetian blinds from; the most well-known example of where this wood is more commonly used is in wooden models (model airplanes, boats ect). Apache wood is a more durable wood, it is commonly found in hotter countries and is imported in where it can be stained or painted to look like oak, beech, pine, mahogany, walnut ect. When purchasing a wood venetian blind it is worthwhile knowing what sort of wood makes your venetian slats.It is worthwhile mentioning that in wood venetian blinds you are often given an option of having either a 50mm slat or a 25mm. depending on the size of your window a 50mm may look more aesthetically pleasing. The most used width is the 25mm venetian blind however depending on the look you are going for the 50mm slat can be closely matched to Shutter blinds and on long drops the stack that a 50mm blind would have compared to a 25mm slat is half the width when the blind is completely risen.Standard Free Hanging Venetian Blinds Compared to Perfect Fit Blinds.Standard free hanging venetian blinds are sold through most companies now a days however a select few companies sell a new way to have venetian blinds – which is perfect fit. Perfect fit blinds are excellent for people who are not overly confident with any form of DIY and would not like to mess around measuring on a wall where to drill to put brackets onto a wall to hang a venetian blind. The Perfect fit blind is a simple and quick way to put a blind onto a window and what’s even better is that there will be no bottom rail taking up space on your windowsill. The perfect fit blind is easy assembled by sliding the sidepieces into the corner joints of the top and bottom rail and then simply tightening the two screws on each corner to secure the frame into one piece. Sliding the brackets into your window frame between the window glass and the windows beading the already assembled blind simply clicks into place. The firmly attached blind comes tensioned so there are no dangerous operating cords which can be harmful in a house with children. Another great factor is that if you wanted the window open the blind stays attached allowing you either privacy from people looking into your house, or offering a form of shade and you will not have to worry about a slight breeze moving the blind and knocking everything off your windowsill. For people looking from the outside the perfect fit venetian blinds looks like one blind, from the inside the perfect fit venetian blinds look very modern.Concluding PointsOverall venetian blinds are very versatile there huge range of colours and texture, even the materials that they are made from means that they would look great in any home and with any colour scheme. In modern houses chrome venetian blind or a black gloss or matt slat will add the finishing touches. In a conservatory, the neutral tones will not overpower your conservatory and will give you all the great benefits of controlling just how much sunlight you let in during the summer months in particular it would be worth keeping in mind that a perfect fit venetian blind may be used on all windows and because no screwing is involved the warranty will not be affected. In a more classically type house wood venetian blinds can be found to match your furniture adding a touch of luxury. White wood venetian blinds are particularly effective in a room that is most neutral in colour, the white wood adding a luxurious finish to the room. nopicture-6687247

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by Faye Crawford



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