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Verbatim ClipIt 4GB USB Flash Drive Review


Verbatim Clip-It 4GB USB Flash Drive Side View on a Quarter

Here is a perfect way to literally attach some files to a document, a real document, like a physical one you hold in your hand and not one that ends with a .doc extension.  The Verbatim Clip-It 4GB USB Flash Drive is a really cool little flash drive that anyone could probably find a million uses for.


Verbatim Clip-It 4GB USB Flash Drive on Top of Quarter

As you can see from the first two photos in this review, the Verbatim Clip-It is a very small flash drive in both length and thickness, measuring about 1.5 inches long, .5 inches wide, and about .125 inches thick.  I ordered the assorted package of these so I got 3 colors, but they also appear to be available in black and pink as well.


Verbatim Clip-It 4GB USB Flash Drive in a Notebook

There are probably a million uses for these, but one of my first thoughts was that it would be easy to just stick this in your notebook so that you always have it with you.  I know that I have been in plenty of meetings or just at someone’s desk when the topic of a file came up, and I was told “sure, I’ll email that to you.” Sure enough once you are done and back to your desk, the file is nothing more than an afterthought and you never end up actually getting it.  Imagine the difference of being able to hand someone a flash drive thats clipped on your notebook so they can give it to you right there. In the later scenario, there is no chance of anyone forgetting to send you the file, and you forgetting to follow-up with them to get it from you.  I was pleased with how easily this slipped onto one of the plastic dividers of my Levenger notebook, and it was almost as easy slipping it onto a few sheets of paper.  I would imagine that you wouldn’t be putting this on and taking it off of any location all that frequently, so the little bit of extra effort being careful to place it on is well worth the added convenience it brings.


The Verbatim Clip-It 4GB USB Flash Drive on Business Card

Another idea that came to mind for the use of the Verbatim Clip-It is to put it on a business card.  Now you would want to be careful about when you do this, for example if you are a real estate agent selling a very expensive house, it might be a good idea to put all of the photographs, slip sheet PDFs, or videos all on one of these attached to your card to give to serious buyers.  Not only does it make things very convenient for them, but it would also be a great way to make an impression with a potential customer.

Endless uses for the Verbatim clip-it

There are obvious other uses for this like simply putting it on your own printed documents that you might want to keep electronic files associated with.  I was easily able to put it on about 10 sheets of paper without the clip becoming too stretched out, and regardless of if it was on one business card, or ten sheets of paper, it never once felt like it was going to wiggle its way off.  The clip has two ridges on the inside that help it to grip onto whatever you attach it to, and in my tests it did not seem to damage the paper or card.  Bottom line, I think the Verbatim Clip-It 4GB USB Flash Drive is a great little flash drive that is versatile and can make you much more productive, memorable, and effective.  I wonder what other creative ideas people have come up with for these?

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