Viewing The Real Wildlife In Las Vegas, Nevada

Authored by Mark Peters in Nevada
Published on 12-11-2008

A visit to Las Vegas can be a real wild time. With live shows of all sorts and 24 hour gambling available in some of the nicest and most exclusive casinos in the world, there is an opportunity in Las Vegas to see, do, and interact with the types of things that cannot be found elsewhere. Las Vegas is not only home to some wild entertainment opportunities, it is actually home to many actual wildlife viewing opportunities.

White Tigers

The Mirage Casino Resort is home to what are probably some of the most famous animals that can be seen in Las Vegas, Siegfried & Roy’s White Tigers. The animals are now housed in the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden exhibit inside the Mirage and continue to be one of the most popularly viewed exhibits on the Las Vegas strip.


Incredibly, though Las Vegas is located in an inland desert, dolphins are viewable as part of the wildlife display housed at The Mirage Casino Resort.

Wild Burros, Rabbits, and More

A trip outside of the city limits of Las Vegas to the beautiful Red Rock Canyon area allows for great wildlife viewing opportunities. Rare wild burros are known to inhabit the area and are viewable from certain points on the 13 mile loop road that allows visitors to tour the area. There are also a number of other types of wildlife available to view in the area such as rabbits, squirrels, desert bighorn sheep, snakes, and more.


Another one of the wildlife viewing opportunities that may catch people by surprise is the chance to see actual live sharks while spending time in the desert oasis of Las Vegas. Sharks and other undersea creatures can be viewed as part of the ultra popular Shark Reef exhibit at the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Flamingos and Penguins

Rare bird watching opportunities are available with a visit to the Flamingo Casino. The casino is home to both flamingos as well as penguins that are kept in an exquisite looking habitat. The entire family will enjoy seeing these magnificent birds in person.

Las Vegas is known as a great place to enjoy a wild time, but some of the more popular attractions in the area also involve actual wildlife. From tigers to burros, some of the best wildlife viewing available at any resort destination is available in Las Vegas. The city of Las Vegas caters to people with many different tastes as far as attractions go, and anyone with a love or fascination for animals will love a trip to see some of the actual wildlife available in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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