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Vintage Trapper Keeper


The Mead Trapper Keeper

So the other day I discovered this awesome organizing system called the Trapper Keeper by Mead.  It is really awesome and I don’t know how I ever got to this point in my life not using this every day for work.  Lets take a  look at how awesome this thing is.


Tigers are Awesome

My Trapper Keeper has an awesome and really angry looking tiger on the cover.  I think the tiger is meant to be a security feature because whenever I look at it I get really scared and nervous and can’t help thinking that maybe I shouldn’t get too close or it might bite me.  The flap on the front cover of my Trapper Keeper has two pieces of Velcro on it that keep it shut so that none of my papers fall out.


Mead Trapper Keeper Inside Pocket

Inside my Trapper Keeper (sorry you cant see the tiger now) there is a cool white pocket that I can stuff all kinds of things in, and it is even all meshy and see through so I’ll always be able to see whats in there without actually taking it out.  On the right side you can see that there are some folders for my other stuff (I’ll probably put some pictures of tigers in there) that are secured in there by some super sturdy plastic rings that slide open and closed instead of using those nasty metal rings that snap shut.


Mead Trapper Keeper Inside Back

On the back of the Trapper Keeper, there is a plastic clip where you can secure a note pad for all of your note taking needs.  The plastic clip back here is secured with two metal rivets that go through the entire cardboard and plastic cover.  If you are looking for something awesome to put all of your papers in, and that has a tiger on it, I don’t think you are going to find a better solution than this Mead Trapper Keeper.  I guess it’s worth mentioning that you can buy a Trapper Keeper here, but for some reason they don’t look as cool as my vintage trapper keeper, probably because of lack o’ tiger.  Oh, and my Trapper Keeper tiger also talks, he says happy April Fool’s day.  eBay is a great source for vintage trapper keepers though, so check that out if you are looking for one.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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