VIP Organizer: Software that Can Improve Your Productivity

Do you have many things to do but never get down to doing any of them really well? Do you procrastinate when it comes to doing an important task? Are you poor at prioritizing what you should be doing at a particular time or day? Does any of the above slow down your productivity? Well, what you may actually need is a productivity software program like VIP Organizer.

VIP Organizer is not only for VIPs. It could be used by anyone to boost his productivity and achieve whatever goals he has set. If you want to do more than you usually do, this software will help you keep track of your goals and help you achieve them.

For one, it helps you gather your tasks into a list that you can easily manage and execute. You’ll be helped with time management tips to ensure that time you spend on a particular task really bears fruit.

Let’s look in detail what this powerful personal information manager and day planner can do for you.

Making Lists

You can make a list of things you need to accomplish daily, weekly or monthly. If there’s an extra task you need to add in, you can easily do so by using the Ctrl + Alt + A keys. Similarly, there are other shortcut keys if you need to prioritize your tasks in their order of importance.

Multiple Formats

You can easily export your task list to such formats as CSV, MS Excel, HTML and XML among others. In this manner, you can share your list with others if you’re working as a team or need to view it in a computer that doesn’t have the program installed. If you have created your database in a computer you share with others, you can prevent unauthorized access to it by protecting it with a password.


A timely reminder on something important we need to do is an important step towards boosting productivity. To that end, VIP Organizer can be set to send reminders in the form of a message or email even to your mobile telephone.

Tracking Progress

Want to know your progress on the tasks to be completed? You can track your progress with the help of VIP Organizer’s visual tracking function which shows visually what has been done, tasks still in progress and percentage completed.

Search Function and Text Editor

As your list grows large, you can make use of the program’s text search engine to easily find a certain task by entering a keyword into the search box.

VIP Organizer also comes with a complete RTF editor that allows you to easily edit your task notes and change font size, color and other text attributes.

Download Trial Version

VIP Organizer is priced at $64.95 which may be a little steep during these trying times. But the price would not be an issue if you consider the dividends it offers in terms of your personal productivity. You could download a trial version of the software at the developer’s website at www.vip-qualitysoft.com.

Should you encounter difficulties in using it, you could head over to the Tutorial section of the website and learn anything from how to make a to do list to how to schedule tasks.


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