Visiting San Diego? Take A Daytrip To Tijuana!

San Diego is one of the most popular vacation destinations in all of Southern California. There is a reason for this as the city not only offers a great many things to do and a lifestyle that appeals to many travelers, it also is the recipient of some of the most beautiful weather on the entire West Coast of the United States. The city has a large number of popular attractions that visitors to the city flock to each year. Including the great many things to do at Balboa Park, the incredible amount of historical maritime attractions on the waterfront, and the outdoor recreational opportunities on the area beaches, San Diego has long been seen as a the kind of area that offers something for almost everyone who visits there. There is another reason that San Diego is popular with travelers though that has absolutely nothing to do with any of the attractions found within the city limits and that is its proximity right across the United States-Mexico border from the Mexican city Tijuana.

A day trip from San Diego into Tijuana is an easy undertaking and many people swear by it in terms of the amount of fun that can be had. The major way that most visitors take to Tijuana from San Diego is on foot. Walking across the border is fairly easy and there are a number of things to do just inside the city of Tijuana. There are some dangers in traveling to Tijuana, security has been heightened in the area, but it is still not recommended that people cross the border on their own. Aside from walking, visitors to Tijuana can also get there by driving themselves and going there as part of a guided tour. It is highly recommended that all visitors to Tijuana bring with them a map of the city as this can come in handy in a number of ways.

The closest shopping area to the border is found on Avenida Negrete. Prices here are usually quite affordable and anyone interested in making some purchases south of the border should make a mental note of the prices here on the items they are interested in. A great idea, especially for anyone on foot, is to make purchases here on the way back to San Diego so that they don’t have to carry their purchases with them all day. Carting around purchases for an extended amount of time can be bad for two reasons, first there is the fatigue factor, especially on a hot day, but it can also be dangerous as it can open the traveler up to becoming the victim of theft.

Continuing on to the famous Avenida Revolucion is a must for almost everyone, especially first time visitors to Tijuana. This is the largest market area and from goods to food and refreshments, most of the activity in the city takes place here. It is easy to locate the Avenida Revolucion as it sits at the base of the large arch that towers over the city. There are also a large number of novelty attractions in this area of the city including many unique opportunities to get a photo taken commemorating a visit to this unique and exciting location. Hours tick by fast when exploring the Avenida Revolucion on foot. Many bargains on great items, both those unique to Mexico as well as those that can be found back in the states, can be found here. When the area has been explored to its fullest, visitors can then head back to the first marketplace at Avenida Negreta to make their last purchases of the trip before returning across the border to San Diego.

A day trip from San Diego into Tijuana, when done under the proper conditions and with safety on the mind, can be one of the more exciting and one-of-a-kind experiences had in the area. This is a great opportunity to add a unique experience onto a visit to the already attraction filled city of San Diego.

For those wishing to spend more than a few hours walking the open air markets of Tijuana, there are also a number of other activities available. The world famous Club Campestre de Tijuana golf club is sought out be golfers from both sides of the border. The Agua Caliente Racetrack was popular with weathy Americans and Hollywood celebrities in the early to mid 20th century who sought out the fun and excitement of horseracing. It is now a popular attraction with visitors and locals alike who seek out the greyhound racing that is now regularly held there. There is a zoo and a small park available for visitors to spend some time in at Parque Morelos. There are a number of other shopping malls and marketplaces available in Tijuana like Plaza Rio, Plaza Mundo Divertido, Plaza Carrousel, Plaza Coronado and Plaza Monarca. Many people head to Tijuana for a number of different reasons, but the overwhelming reason is for the shopping and the nightlife.

While San Diego is a great place to visit with a wide selection of things to do, one of the most fun and exciting things to do when visiting the city is to use it as a springboard or hub for a day trip to Tijuana, Mexico. One of the best parts of this is that while both cities offer a great amount of attractions to occupy their visitors, spending the day in Tijuana is such a different experience than can be had in San Diego. Traveling to Tijuana from San Diego is easy, fun, and a definite must-do for anyone that is visiting the city of San Diego.


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