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Vitaminerals line of nutriceutical products

  • By Teresa Pustejovsky
  • Published 04/15/2010
  • Article Writing

Joe Daniels, is proud to offer the distinguished Vitaminerals line of nutriceutical products. Founded in 1931, Vitaminerals, Inc. is still family owned and operated. Not only are the owners third generation, many of the distributors are children and grandchildren of the original distributors. Vitaminerals is more than a product; it is something we believe in. A particular source of pride is that Vitaminerals, Inc. is one of the very few nutriceutical companies who manufacture their own products. It is the control of the manufacturing process that assures the exemplary quality of the Vitaminerals line.

Vitaminerals also has the distinction of standing virtually alone as a holder of state and federal pharmaceutical  licenses that require the highest standards of quality assurance. Holding these licenses is not mandatory by regulation, but does exemplify Vitaminerals’ care and dedication to its purpose — providing quality products.

Over sixty years ago when the science of nutrition was

in its infancy, Vitaminerals recognized that there were numerous factors in foods that had not been isolated or identifies. Nor had their specific and unique benefits been tested and evaluated. Vitaminerals developed the VM 2 Food Base, comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables. These whole foods were carefully selected, dehydrated and concentrated, removing all inert materials such as cellulose and pulp, leaving only a pure nutritional extract. This natural Food Base was incorporated in many Vitaminerals formulas to insure complete and natural nutritional fortification. Since that time science has made great progress in defining many of the individual phytochemicals and nutriceuticals that were present in the VM 2 Base: flavonoids and flavonols, polyphenols, alkaloids, carotenoids, enzymes and more. Individual items such as Quercitin, Lutein, and Catechins have been identifies and scientifically tested in clinical trials. Their biological activities are recognized and Vitaminerals now makes high potency extracts for specific applications. Yet there is still value in this whole food base and we continue its use in many of Vitaminerals time proven formulas, some that have been used and valued by doctors and patients for over seventy years.


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