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Wacthes the symbol of a man

  • By Pam Green
  • Published 11/9/2010
  • Poetry

A  watch to a man, as the same concept as the perfume to a woman. A nice  watch stands for his social position and wealth. In some kinds of social  situation, wearing a watch shows that he is with timing concept and  able to work exactly, and this usually helps this man to gain an  unexpected opportunity. What’s more, an elegant watch sets a man’s  disposition off to advantage. Let’s  come and take a look at how these amazing things grab the attention  from a man. 1. Chapard. Established in 1860, products of Chapard are all  made in its own factories. With the excellent workmanship, it’s the  representative of jewelry watches. Chapard watches are always the favor  of collector and its fans. Chapard ‘Happy Sport’ collection is a  brilliant combination of diamond and blue jewel which is the classic of  jewelry watches. 

2.  Girard-Perregaux. Established in 1791, during more than two centuries,  Girard-Perregaux gains better and better reputation for its continuous  creative ideas and designs. People are captivated by its famous ‘GP’  logo. Without saying more words, Girard-Perregaux ‘Three – Golden Bridge 

Flywheel Watch’ explains the value of this brand completely.  3.  Breguet. Established in 1755, before introducing this brand, let’s take  a look at its fans’ name list: scientist Albert Einstein, wrier Peter  Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Louis XVI, Tsar Alexsander I – Anthony, the Prime  Minister of the United Kingdom – Churchill, the King of Prussia –  Frederick William I. These people are not in the same period, but they  do have a common connection which is they have a passion for Breguet.  Without doubt, Breguet has extraordinary attraction and workmanship.  

4.  Rolex. Established in 1905, and this might be your most familiar watch  brand. Its premier logo was a hand which means all products of Rolex are  made by careful handwork. Later on, its logo becomes a crown as we see  nowadays, it demonstrates that Rolex is a power kingdom in watch world.  Indeed, Rolex watches rank third in the ‘Global Most Valuable Brands Top  10’, the only watch brand in this ranking list. The first water-proof  watch in this world is made by Rolex. Its design style is ‘functional,  dignified and low-key costly’ are pursued by personage of all circles,  especially those who come from Far East and the Middle East. 


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