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Waist health weight loss exercise Cheats

  • By qingxiao qingxiao
  • Published 05/4/2012

 Sit-ups are most familiar to us for the thin waist healthy way to lose weight, then the set of healthy and exercise to lose weight which needs to pay attention to? The following Xiaobian for everyone to talk about a set of healthy weight loss campaign in the usual practice need to pay attention to the details: A sit-up posture of many practitioners is not quite right, most people are lying on the ground, the entire upper body to lift, Shuangshoubaotou cross-contact with the knee in the neck, elbows. This set of practices led to the long-term the force of the muscles of the thigh, abdomen almost no force, long-term effect will make the waist muscle strain, neck nerve oppression. bee pollen pills The correct approach is: the body lying on the upper body straight up, so that the waist to really get the force, pay attention to the waist, do not leave the ground, then slow the body down in situ, repeat the above action. When the abdominal muscles to body pull up, then exhale slowly, so you can ensure that the deeper abdominal muscles at the same time participate in order to get a workout. 2, a lot of people do in their own homes sit sitting, everyone thinks that this action is getting better and better. In fact, this way can easily lead to abdominal muscle strain. The frequency of excessive and would not improve the effect of exercise, only appropriate to slow down the rhythm of movement, only to avoid the fatigue caused by physical discomfort, and enhance the training effect of the abdominal muscles. If you want to achieve the purpose of less abdominal fat, it is necessary to control the rhythm, to avoid a start to do a lot of the number of sit-ups, resulting in sore muscles. bee pollen weight loss Can initially try to do it 5 times in one minute, then slowly increase until it reaches about 30 times. 3, do sit-ups to keep the body balanced. Body not to the left away the right swing, the body can not deviate from a straight line, you should try to control the direction of the sit-ups, try to slow down the speed, the best in up heart to feel the movement of abdominal muscles, so the child can be very good exercise abdominal muscles. 4, a simple sit-ups can only reach a local slimming effect, the need to tie in with other aerobic exercise. The long-term sit-ups can make abdominal muscles to strengthen, but other parts of the body, such as thighs, buttocks exercise is relatively small. bee pollen for weight loss Just want to reach a certain part of a movement to the weight loss is impossible. Order to strengthen the effect of the thin waist, sit-ups, and aerobic exercise combined in order to achieve the perfect healthy weight loss. 59ab4a736e3e56615fff977fa409ff36-2739825

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