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Walkman and ipad popular in the coming christmas i believe

  • By Ronben Newbern
  • Published 06/2/2011
  • Fiction

Since the birth of the Christmas over 1, 800 years ago, it has long been highly valued as one of the most significant festivals by people, especially by those from Christian countries. Customarily, on that day people greet each other and present gift with best wishes to each other. And the gifts are usually meaningful and valuable unlike those given in other festivals for Christmas is the most important period of time for a majority of the foreigners, which represents new hopes, endless love, and lofty belief. Therefore, people have been used to worrying about what presents they should give to their colleagues, friends, and relatives. As the 2010 Christmas is around the corner, the problem will plague people again. Some people believe it right to take the electronic products which are the most popular at present as gifts, which not only can express the giver’ s appreciation but also are practical for the receiver. This year, among so many kinds of electronic products, what will become hot is not very clear. However, it’ s not difficult to predict that the Ipad and the Walkman are second to none. 

We all know that the big electronic products like computers become outdated so fast, not to mention the small ones. Ten years ago, one that was equipped with a mp3 did catch the latest fashion trends then. Today, however, owing a mp4 or even a mp5 is nothing new. Therefore, under the prerequisite that taking a desktop or a laptop as a gift is

a little bit costly, one had better not choose mp3 partly for it is out of fashion and partly because most of the people have got at least one. Not all the electronic products behind the times are not appropriate to be taken as gifts, and some may bring the unimaginable effect, such as the Walkman which is produced in SONY, Japan. Early in the 1970s, the Walkman emerged and soon became popular across the globe. Recently, it will have to face the production halts for no one needs it any more. I doubt, however, that how much family have kept it as a treasure. Perhaps, it has been thrown away long before. Therefore, it must be amazing to take the Walkman as a gift for it contains the giver’ s creativity and thoughtful consideration. So I’ m convinced that it will be marketable before long.  This summer, with the Ipad coming into the market, it has taken the consumer electronics marketplace by storm. Not altogether incidentally, three hundred thousand Ipad were sold in its first 24 hours, from which we can see how popular it is, because of its fashionable external form, formidable and practical functions, and reasonable price Therefore, it will continue its rallying point in the coming Christmas, I believe. We can see that both the Walkman and Ipad are extremes of the electronic products, the former is forgotten while the latter favoured by people. Perhaps, it is because of this, that both of them may become popular in this coming Christmas. After all, classics will never be substituted. nopicture-4219770


by Ronben Newbern



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