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Wallet cupid a love story about a wallet

  • By Anthony Merchant
  • Published 03/11/2011
  • Non-Fiction

 I lost my wallet and my heart Three  months ago, I lost my wallet on my way back to my dormitory. I felt so  sad because there was a photo of my ex-boyfriend and me; we had been  apart for one year. Frankly speaking, I was still missing him at that  time. After I lost my wallet, I felt I lost my heart, too.  Someone got my wallet and returned it to me

I  was upset everyday. Till one day, I met the boy who got my wallet and  returned it to me. That day, I ate lunch by myself at a little  restaurant in our school as I always do. When I went to the counter to  pay for my lunch, a soft voice came to my ears. “I will pay for her.” He  said. I turned my head and saw him put some money from a wallet. There  was my wallet! I looked at his face with my surprising eyes. “Excuse  me.” I said. “Yes, it’s your wallet, don&

#8217;t lose it again.” He  interrupted me and gave me back my wallet. “Thank you.” I said. I wanted  to say something more but he left with a smile.   The boy and I became friendsThe  boy and I began to encounter at the restaurant frequently. Time after  time, we began to talk and became friends. Sometimes we will eat dinner  together. I got along with him very well and we just like a friend for  many years.  I think it’s time to replace to photoAs  you think, we felt something special after a period of time. One day,  when I took out my wallet and paid for the meal, he asked me that who  was the boy in the photo of my wallet. “He was my ex-boyfriend.” I took  out the photo and said, “But I think it’s time to replace it.” At that  moment, I saw the joyousness in his eyes and the smile in my face  through the  mirror behind the counter.



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