Want to be a Snake Removal Expert?


Authored by Rodney Southern in Nature and Wildlife 
Published on 03-07-2009

Snake extermination is really not an accurate term in the world of snake handling and snake removal. Very rarely does a problem snake get killed. Generally speaking, a problem snake will be captured and relocated to a safe place for both the homeowner and the snake. On rare occasions it becomes necessary to actually kill a snake that is posing a significant danger, or is in a location that makes relocation impossible. There is a large need for snake removal experts throughout the US.

To become a snake removal expert, one must go through significant training. You must be able to identify snakes of all kinds, and also be taught the methods that are used in snake removal. Your level of expertise will be in direct relation to your success and safety in the field. The absolute best snake removal experts are herpetologists. These are experts in all things relating to snakes. Unless you live in an area that is constantly surrounded by snakes, you will likely have to expand your animal removal services to other types of problem animals. The more pest species that you are able to handle, the better your business will be.

There are four primary methods that snake removal experts use in the removal of a snake. Each of these methods are quite specific, and should only be attempted by a snake removal expert. Here is a brief overview of snake catching methods that are commonly used:

1. Catching Snakes by Hand – This method is by far the most dangerous method of snake removal, particularly the snake species is venomous. Unless you are a snake catching expert, this method of snake catching should be completely off-limits. Harmless and venomous snakes can often look remarkably alike, and getting bitten is a very real possibility even for the experts.

2. Tongs – tongs are special snake catching tools that are made specifically to handle snakes that are dangerous, or in hard to reach places such as a tree. Tongs have a long neck with a trigger at your hand that opens and closes two grabbing apparatus on the end. These tongs take lots of practice to master, particularly with a very fast snake.

3. Snake Traps – many times homeowners will encounter a snake only to see it slither away before it can be captured by a snake removal expert. There are commercially made snake traps on the market that are quite effective at capturing a snake that has taken up residence in your home or basement. This is the only safe method for a homeowner to attempt to catch a snake. Still, the homeowner should still contact a snake removal expert to take the snake away for relocation.

4. Snake Hook – many herpetologists and snake removal experts prefer the use of a snake hook. This hook is exactly what it sounds like. It is a long pole that has a hook on the end of it. This hook allows the snake removal expert to manipulate and scoop up more dangerous snakes without having to risk getting bitten. Like the tongs, the snake hook takes lots of practice and experience to use.


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