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Want to know a great brand of reliable toner cartridges

Greentech toners offer customers both reliability and the added benefit of a sustainable product that contributes to the goal of achieving a greener environment.  It is rare to find both in the world of toner cartridges.  High quality almost always means that a toner cartridge is a brand new one, fresh from the factory, manufactured from a petroleum based plastic product — the production of which is a travesty for the environment — and on top of all of this, expensive.  Environmentally friendly, on the other hand, usually means that a toner cartridge is recycled and refilled with ink, in a process that usually produces a not so quality end product.  Most cartridge recyclers are lazy and looking to make a quick buck by cashing in on the emotional marketing factor they’ve got by pandering to the eco-concerned consumer, so they don’t bother to clean out the old remnants of ink before refilling the recycled cartridge.  This mindset produces cartridges that work at the beginning, and fool consumers into thinking that they’ve found a good product, but cartridges that start to smudge and misprint once their ink levels have gone lower than fifty percent.  What most cartridge recyclers fail to mention, as well, is that the ink they use to refill their supposedly eco-friendly cartridges is actually the very same ink used to fill brand new cartridges, an ink that is anything but environmentally friendly.

Greentech toners, on the other hand, offer one hundred percent quality, recycled toners made from one hundred percent recycled materials.  As a result, Greentech toners cost a little more than the average recycled toner, but they are certainly a product that’s worth the extra penny.  Every toner from Greentech goes through an extensive inspection and cleaning procedure before it is filled.  Cracked toners or toners that don’t feed properly are never thrown away, but refurbished until they are of brand new quality and then filled with ink that’s made from one hundred percent recycled materials.  Greentech is committed to a sustainable environment and as a companywide policy refuses to compromise and exploit its customers like other eco-friendly marketed toner cartridges companies so often do. 

Greentech even offers repeat customers the opportunity to participate in its toner recycling reward program.  For every toner sent back to Greentech, regardless of whether it was originally bought from Greentech, customers will receive a three percent discount on each toner purchased from Greentech in the future.  Greentech has also recently implemented both a computer and office equipment recycling incentive.  Most pieces of office equipment are manufactured and destined to break, especially printers, and Greentech recognizes the need for an eco-friendly recycling mindset where there is most often not.  Therefore any piece of broken office equipment, no matter how dysfunctional, will be accepted for future customer credit at Greentech.  Such a program is unparalleled in the toner cartridge industry, and it has been implemented to show Greentech’s true commitment to the environment.

For reliability and sustainability, the option is simple.  The option is Greentech, and the option to choose Greentech, and a cleaner environment, is yours and yours alone.

 For more information about Greentech toners  please visit : http://www.greentechtoners.co.uk/


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