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Want to Win Stuff? Open your email.


Today our twice monthly email newsletter went out to all of our subscribers, and in it someone was selected to win a free fountain pen, notebook, and bottle of ink from our sponsors at Goldspot.  In addition to the Goldspot giveaway each month, there is also a separate $25 Jetpens.com gift card given away.  Unfortunately a few of the monthly winners have neglected to claim their prizes, so this is just a reminder to make sure you are opening those emails and not passing up on your chance to get some free stuff.

Besides the regular monthly giveaways from Goldspot and Jetpens, today we offered up a free Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook to one of our subscribers in exchange for a write up to be posted on the site.  I can’t guarantee more opportunities like this one, but I’d definitely like to do this more often so I’m going to be keeping an eye out for situations where it makes sense and they will be offered up exclusively to our email subscribers.

I know we all get a lot of emails, myself included so I know it is easy to miss or just feel overwhelmed by stuff in your in-box, but this is just a reminder to take a few seconds and check out the email coming from us so you don’t miss out on some cool free office supplies!  If you aren’t already signed up, you can get our email newsletter  at that link there.  Just a reminder that it is open to US residents only though.

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