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Watch is a man's love

  • By Derrick Stickney
  • Published 06/1/2011
  • Article Writing

Now watch not just a time tool, it also symbolizes a person’s identity, the previous U.S. president watch enthusiasts. From President Kennedy to Barack Obama has his own favorite watch brands. In fact, for men, like women’s jewelry, watches never too much. In his inaugural ball, Obama and his wife Michelle dancing, the left hand sleeve exposes a black dial at the table. This is JorgGray 6500. Obama has been wearing it to participate in various election rallies, the inauguration ceremony, and signed his first presidential decree. This watch is a 2007 Illinois state senator Obama as, the U.S. Secret Service colleagues to send the 46-year-old birthday present, the retail price of $ 325 (about 2219 yuan). And now, Barack Obama speech wearing JorgGray6500 photos, the site was placed on the manufacturers to advertise, and has triggered a hot online sales. President Ford recalled wearing a high-tech electronic Pulsar watches, worth 2000 U.S. dollars. President Bush wearing a 50 dollar TimexIndiglo watch, Clinton like Timex. John – President Kennedy is a senior watch enthusiasts. 2006 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, Omega the first private collection of Kennedy, formerly exhibited Omega watch, which his inauguration wear, above the inscription: “U.S. President – John F. Kennedy, a friend sent Grant. ” In 2005, this watch is to auction the high price of $ 350,000; the same year, Kennedy, a watch to be auctioned another $ 120,000. This is a gold Rolex, Marilyn – Monroe gave President Kennedy’s birthday, but he had never worn. Above the inscription: “Jack, Marilyn forever love you, 59 days in May 1962.”President Kennedy offen wear a barand of Louis Cartier”Tank”watch.   Not only Presidents like watch, in fact, for men never tinnk watch too much. LVMH’s watches jewelry business director AntoinePin explained that male ornaments are limited, apart from size-fits-suits, shirts, sweaters and jeans, watches are among the few to show one of their own personalized jewelry. Hence, compared to women’s magazines in a variety of cosmetics, jewelry, advertising, “Esquire”, “GQ” magazine and other men, there is still the most watch advertisements. In the past, men would take their cars to show off their status, position, but the car is parked in the garage, but not anywhere to be seen, the watch will undoubtedly replace the car as the men show off things. In addition, if the vision of good taste, but also value-added collection of watches. PatekPhilippe brand is highly collectible, limited edition Calibre89 auction price in 2004, more than 5 million U.S. dollars. Of course, the economic situation around the table with the men whether they want to buy this year, the value of Swiss watch exports fell 22.7%. However, both men wearing the watch is $ 50 or $ 5,000, the purpose of wearing the same.  b71c485f6623abdb9dba1aab09659a97-7073698

Self-confidence, optimism

by Derrick Stickney


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