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Watch market faced fierce competition

  • By Steven Hilbert
  • Published 06/14/2011
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As is known to all, with the development of market economy, more and more fierce competition is faced by watch market. Reasons are as follows:Firstly, nowadays, fewer and fewer people wear watch , because there are many ways for them to get time. such as by mobile phones, on the bus, the adornment tower clock on the street, wall clock in the office ect.  Secondly, people began to catch up with the fashion of personality and ornament. The old domestic watch , for example, the “diamond” watch in the 1980s, which was simple and accurate have been  unpopular, now the sales of  general class watch that shows time only dropped significantly. There is an increasing demand of the consumers for the watch function. On the one hand, people will focus on quality and famous brand, on the other hand is to choose fashionable design, unique design and adornmental watches. Foreign fashion has been  very popular in China that people choose watch, which is suitable for their clothes. What is more, due to the rise of holiday tour, consumers like to wear each sport watch and casual watch in different occasions and  seasons. 

Thirdly, meanwhile, consumers also appear the phenominum of polarization. In regard to pricing, according to market research : There are

good sales of watches between 200 yuan and under low and 2000 yuan of above of high-grade . Two types of onsumers are mainly students and high earners. What it causes is the plummeting sales volume of middle-priced watches. Fourthly, the demand of watch  appears diversification. For instance, Women like colourful watch, students like cartoon watch, a considerable number of men are interested in the ones which is limited, unique and meaningful. Its main purpose is to collect or to show their status and high taste. Therefore, the single and ordinary ones will not longer catch the consumers’eyes.Women’watchstudents’watch Fifthly, there are many various choices of watch. Like”FIYTA”、“ ROSSINI”、“TISSOT”、“ ENICAR”、“ROLEX”、“OMEGA”、“ RADE”、“Longiness”、“ Swatch”.Besides these brandy watches, many unknown watches also share the market with them. Men’s watch Anyhow, the competition of  watch  market is intense, but for the high value-added products with multi-function,which  still have greater market share.Therefore, how to accelerate the development of new products and the production, in order to adapt to the various needs of the customer, is the key problems to the living and development of a horological enterprise. 


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