Watch Out Apple iPhone, the Blackberry Storm is Here

Apple is known for many things in the computer industry: an obstinate voice against ordinariness and commonness, Apple has equated computing, in many of its variations with style and sophistication. In a well-publicized speech a decade ago, Steve Jobs said that people who used the “other” operating systems had “no sense of taste.”

People might quake at such a declaration, but Apple has remained steady in its commitment with providing operating systems and computer units that were above and beyond what people perceive to be “okay” or “alright” standards.

When Apple entered the telecommunications arena with the deadly, feature-filled iPhone, everybody scrambled to get their hands on one. Where else can you get a mobile phone that allows you to surf the Internet with Apple’s very own Safari web browser? Nowhere else!

“We Shall Kill iPhone”

What happens when there’s a new kid on the block? Normally, the “dinosaurs” approach the kid and beat him up, plain and simple. But what if the new kid on the block beats up the “dinosaurs” and say “I’m here to stay”? In the case of the telecommunications giants who were taken aback with the wild popularity of the new player, the iPhone, the old dinosaurs scrambled to make their own versions of the “slaughterer of iPhone.”

One very, very vocal player in the telecommunications arena is Verizon. A few years ago, this company had been responsible for the portable e-mail reader Blackberry, which took Europe and the United States so much that people were speculating whether there was enough supply to meet the growing demand.

In Japan and other countries, Blackberry meant a wonderful new device to access the Internet and be in touch with email contacts even if one went to the church on Sunday morning. Everything went well until the 3G revolution overtook the Blackberry. For quite a time, the company that sold Blackberry kept quiet. But with the advent of the iPhone, they can’t keep quiet any longer.

Codenamed “The Storm,” the latest Blackberry installation promises a world of delights for the sophisticated Blackberry user. Working upon perceived “weaknesses” of the Apple iPhone, The Storm promises versatility and increased usability. In its signature dark and shiny carapace, The Storm looks lethal enough to devastate any iPhone.

With The Storm, the glass screen was abandoned by Verizon for a more usable suspension system that allows people to physically apply pressure on top of the screen, to make the experience of typing more tactile and more akin to the older version of the personal digital assistant and 3G mobile phones. Trust us when we say that you do get used to it.

The screen installed on The Storm is definitely more compact than that of the Apple iPhone. However, here’s the funny thing about this wonderful new device- the screen is smaller, but it has a higher resolution! Higher resolution means videos that look more handsome and photos that are more tastefully rendered on screen.

This is the power of The Storm that is destined to challenge the industry’s fast rising Apple iPhone.


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