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Ways On How You Can Learn Copywriting

  • By James Reed
  • Published 05/31/2011
  • Copywriting

Are you a writer who wants to specialize on copywriting? By copywriting alone there are already a lot of categories under it for further specialization. But first things first, you must know the basics of it. But where should you start if you want to learn copywriting? 1. Get a copywriting course. There are many courses for this but one of the best would be a John Carlton copywriting course. The guy is a veteran in the field and has a lot of great stuff to teach you. You may also get other courses on copywriting just as long as you know that a reputable and respected copywriter is behind that course. 2. Read and study sales letters. These sales letters can be the print type (direct mail) or online just like the sales page of a product. Either way, you can learn copywriting from these and you can surely spot the common factors that help make these become effective. You may also purchase some sales letter templates if you want to get a good headstart with your studying of sales letters. You may think of this as cheating but actually, you are just simplying and putting on speed on your education. 3. Learn about SEO copywriting. Search engine optimization knowledge is very important especially if you want to focus more on writing for websites. One good way to start is to know how to choose the best keywords for your copy so it can be optimized for the best search results. Then after knowing your keywords, you should know where you should place them. The title tag, maybe twice within the body and on the other tags are excellent choices. 4. Get a basic copywriting book. Even though ebooks are very popular today, you can always go to a bookstore or a library and find a book on copywriting. You can learn copywriting basics and also advanced stuff from these books. One good thing about it is that all you need to know are just within one book. 5. Read blogs on copywriting. You can read a freelance copywriter blog and read the bits and pieces that can be of great help in your continuing self-study. Since it is a blog, you can just read the posts that apply best to what you are interested in.

These are just five of the things that you can do to learn copywriting today. There are paid methods and there are also free. Just choose the one that you are most comfortable with.



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