Ways to Economically Spruce Up Your Home

There are a number of ways to economically spruce up your home, whether you have $5 or $500. Simple changes can go a long way, and the convenience and prices of online shopping, thrift stores, antique shops, and even yard sales make it easier than ever to create a new look for your home without ruining your household budget.

Installing new cabinets is an ideal way to economically spruce up your home, but requires some handyman or handywoman skills. Be creative – even something as simple as a new bathroom medicine cabinet can go a long way toward making your home feel brand new. Kitchen cabinets are also nice, but may be a more expensive undertaking than you’re really looking for.

Putting a new coat of paint on your front door is an easy and fun way to economically spruce up your home. Consider changing the color. The front door is a major sight for guests and passerby, and can make your property have a totally new look with very minimal cost. If you are brave, you might also want to consider repainting walls inside your home.

Many department stores have easy to install shelves you can put in the corner of a wall, and then you could place some knick-knacks, pictures, or trophies on them. Anyone can do this regardless of construction skill level, and most sets cost less than a meal out.

If you’re looking to get really creative and economically spruce up your home for little money, garage sale and thrift store shopping may be ideal. You could get all kinds of knick-knacks, framed photos, even new curtains and put them all over your home. Some of the nicest items you might ever find for changing the look of your home could be 25 cents and look brand new. Always be careful when garage sale shopping and be sure you really need the items, because sometimes people get swept away by bargains and wind up spending more than they would have at a brick-and-mortar storefront.

Changing lighting is another great way to affordably transform the look and feel of your residence. Even something as simple as switching bulbs to a softer or harsher light can work out well, or you could place new lamps in different areas of your home. Also, another related concept is to change the light fixtures. Switching doorknobs is also a good method for transforming your interior surroundings. There are a number of affordable doorknobs on the market.

Getting down and dirty by rearranging things in your house and doing a thorough scrubbing may also be the ticket to making your décor look different for cheap. A simple floor waxing and rearranging of furniture or electronics can lead you and your loved ones to think you are in a whole new house.

Overall, even small changes such as painting a door, installing shelves, or rearranging items can go a long way toward affordably changing your home. Before buying anything new, always do price comparisons at multiple stores, especially online, to get the best deals.


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