Ways to Fight Stuttering


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Stuttering or also known as stammering is one the problems faced by a great number of people. It is said that out of every one hundred people, one may have this problem. Men are usually the one suffering from this disorder. The cause of stuttering is still unknown to this day. There are many kinds of stuttering problem. Some people who are suffering from stuttering disorder can hide it by avoiding certain words.

Normally, stuttering would occur if a person is tired, under pressure, and even in certain situations like meeting new people or speaking in public. Through the years, experts are trying to find ways to relieve this problem. Although there are no oral medications available in the market, there are some devices and programs that discovered to help when it comes to this problem.

Stuttering Treatments

1. If you seek a professional like a speech therapist, he or she would likely advise you to buy an anti stuttering device. These devices are sold in the market that can help a person speak well. These are often recommended for adults. This is proven to be an effective tool. Also known as electronic fluency device, this device uses the theory of altering the auditory feedback. There are three kinds of this feedback: delayed auditory feedback, masking auditory feedback and frequency shifted auditory feedback. It is assumed that when a person hears his or her own voice, he or she can improve it. Breathing control and phonation are both determined by these devices using hi tech equipment. It is quite similar to a hearing aid. Based on the studies done, these devices got a 50 to 80% of being successful. There are some people that would say that this device can remove stuttering completely but this remains to be proven.

2. Undergoing therapy is one way to cure stuttering disorder. Although this process is proven effective for children and teenagers, some adults can even take advantage of this process. Speech therapy is the most popular treatment for stuttering problem. The program is aimed to practice a person when it comes to speaking habits like proper breathing and proper pausing. This treatment has been proven to help a lot of people improve their speaking skills.

3. Hypnotherapy is an emerging kind of stuttering therapy. The success of this is usually attributed to the therapist. The difference of hypnotherapy as compared to speech therapy is that the former is dealing the emotional aspect of stuttering.

4. There are group speech courses that are now available. When you apply at these courses they will teach you the basics of speaking and other things that could help you when it comes to stuttering. This is recommended if you think that you could learn faster with a group.

5. Hiring a speech coach is an alternative way if you are not into one on one treatment. The advantage of having a speech coach is that he or she can really focus on a certain aspect of your speech and you could be treated in your own pace.


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