Ways to Get Hair Healthy


Authored by Kennedy Allen in Hair Care 
Published on 08-27-2009

The quest for healthy hair is a never ending one for most men and women. Who hasn’t seen a conditioner commercial on television and wanted those lustrous and perfect glimmering locks? Luckily, the ways to get hair healthy are plentiful and simple.

One of the ways to get hair healthy is to keep it properly moisturized. Focus on the tips of your hair strands when conditioning, and shampoo the scalp only. Something to keep in mind for healthy hair is that shampooing is not particularly meant for the tips of your hair. These are dry enough already, and don’t produce any oil and tend to dry out (resulting in spilt ends) very quickly if not properly looked after.

Shampooing is meant to be for the scalp, which produces oils and gets dirt stuck to it. The only shampooing the rest of your hair needs is the suds that drip down while rinsing.

Make sure you buy a good deep conditioner to use at least twice a week. By using a good conditioner and only shampooing the roots, healthy hair will be inevitable!

The best way to achieve healthy hair is by using natural shampoos that don’t dramatically strip your hair of its natural oils. Healthy hair depends on the oil your scalp produces, and this is why usually the hair closest to our scalp is the healthiest and just tends to dry as it grows out further from the scalp.

Perhaps the best tip for healthy hair is the simplest of all; to not shampoo every day. Even if you have naturally oily hair and tend to need to wash it 7 days a week, take a few days off from your soapy schedule. Put your hair up into a ponytail if it’s too greasy (this is a good thing!). On days you will not shampoo, simply douse your entire mane with a deep conditioner, let it set for 3 minutes, and rinse with warm water.

One way to instantly have the appearance of healthy hair is to always do a final rinse of cold water in the shower after your regular shampoo and conditioner routine. The final shot of cold water seals the hair follicles and makes them retain the conditioner longer, keeping snagged and raggedy looking split ends at bay. This trick brings out the qualities of healthy hair by making it shinier and smooth with less static.

Of the many ways to get hair healthy, the brush you use to comb after the shower is very important. Even healthy hair is very prone to breakage and is especially vulnerable after a shower. Water debilitates hair, so be very careful when detangling, and always use a wide tooth comb.

To keep your healthy hair at its optimum shininess, brush every night with a bristle brush. Yes, those 100 strokes before bed really can work wonders. These natural fibers carry the healthy oils from your scalp to your ends and result in a nice natural sheen that will reflect every light in the room.


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