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Ways to keep your diamond ring shiny

Diamond is seen as an important representative thing of love and marriage, which is also the synonym of nobleness. Besides, diamond ring takes a significant place in the jewelry sector. So we have to learn to keep the it to be shiny all the time.   Although diamond is the hardest thing in the nature, it’s brittleness is also great. It’s easy to break, when it is attacked or rolled by external force. Therefore, when doing exercise or heavy manual labor, you should not wear diamond in case of touching with hard objects to cause permanent irreparable defects.   Much jewelry is sensitive to oily materials including diamond rings. If you want to keep them to be shiny, you have to stay away from oil and smoke. Do not always touch them because of the surprise of your engagement, because the sweat in your hands, which contain the fat of your body, is easy to make your diamond rings dirty and reduce their gloss. In the same way, do not wear them to cook.   In our daily life or our food contain different concentrations of acid or alkali. And the acid-base chemicals with different concentrations will do harm to diamond rings. What’s more, you’d better make up or spray perfume first and then you can wear your diamond ring to avoid higher concentrations of makeup or perfume directly touching it. Let your diamond ring stay away from chlorine bleach, which can hurt the diamond and make it fade or discolor. You can clean it by using diamond cleaning solution according to the instruction. At last, you’d better have it checked in the regular jewelry store every year to renew your ring. As long as you do as what I have said, you can keep



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