Ways to Maintain Beautiful Breasts


Authored by Donna Johnson in Women’s Health
Published on 11-14-2009

If you are a woman, you know that there are a number of changes that can occur in your body over the years. One area of your body that is likely to undergo the most changes is your breasts. From puberty to pregnancy and breastfeeding, and changes caused simply by growing older, your breasts will most likely not remain in the same shape all your life. But there are ways to maintain beautiful breasts.

The first way to maintain beautiful breasts that may come to your mind is cosmetic surgery. You can get breast implants, a breast lift, or both at the same time. However, cosmetic breast surgery is not for everyone. For starters, the price tag alone can be prohibitive. Prices may vary widely by the area you live in and the exact type of procedure you have done, but most cosmetic breast surgery will set you back at least $3000. You may also find cosmetic breast surgery distasteful because of the wide variety of complications and side effects that are possible, or because of the unrealistic look that is often the final outcome of such procedures.

There are other, more natural ways to maintain beautiful breasts. You should start by keeping the skin over your breasts and chest area in good shape. This skin is usually quite thin, and so can be damaged very easily. Always apply a daily moisturizer to your chest area. When this area will be exposed to sun, even if it’s just in a low-cut shirt, you should also use sunscreen or sunblock. This will prevent sunburn, freckling, and other skin damage that can be caused by exposure to the sun.

Another way to maintain beautiful breasts is to wear a bra as much as possible in the daytime. Your bra will hold your breasts up and not allow them to droop due to gravity. Your clothes will also look better on you if you’re wearing a bra. Wearing a bra is especially important to maintain the appearance of large breasts, as they have a much greater tendency to sag. However, you must make certain that you are wearing the correct size bra, as wearing the wrong size will not help and may even hurt you. Major department stores and lingerie stores often offer bra fitting services with measurements and recommendations from trained sales associates. Such a fitting will determine the correct size bra for you.

Finally, you should try to keep your weight steady. Constantly gaining, and then losing, weight is not good for your breasts or any part of your body. If your weight fluctuations are greater than 10 pounds, the effects will be visible in your breasts. You may develop stretch marks, or your breasts may have excess skin or a great deal of sagging after a significant weight loss.

Even though some changes in your breasts will occur no matter what you do, you can keep your breasts looking as nice as possible. Simple changes in your daily routine and your diet and exercise program can keep your breasts looking beautiful for as long as possible.


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