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Ways to picking the perfect diamond ring

  • By Don York
  • Published 03/14/2011
  • Sample Category

In  present, there are lots of gorgeous diamond rings in the market. Many  attractive diamonds, as a matter of fact, are not pure. Some customers  usually spend much in the false ones. Here, in order to avoid this  situation, I am willing to give you some tips on diamond ring choosing. To pick the right one, you should remember the principles as follows.   First of all, you should make sure what kind of metallic setting you like. For hundreds of years, the gold and the silver, possessing the value of collection, are the most expensive metals whenever and wherever they are. Therefore, many people trend to regard them as the metallic setting of the wedding rings.  However, platinum as a precious and beautiful metal emerges in our life  in recent years. Because it’s not easy to drop out if the diamonds are  embedded in the platinum. Generally speaking, we had better choose the  18k as the setting for it’s easy to wear away and break off. And the  diamond can endure long on it. Most people employ the 18k because of its  high hardness meeting the need of the setting. So before your purchase,  you should make the best choice for the metallic setting of your  diamond rings.   Secondly, you should notice the 4C:  Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. The cut of the diamonds is very  important for it will affect its value. Only the standard cutting  methods can show its shine fully and make it join perfectly. The cut  diamonds are usually in the shape of globe and conicalness. But the  hexagon is the most popular shape for its shine can be manifested  completely. As we know, the diamond experienced geographic change for  billions of years. It’s evitable that there are some natural marks on or  inside it. These marks are called flaws. The fewer the flaws are, the  higher of the grade of the diamonds is. Color is also an important part.  Because some color is rare. As an old saying goes “the rarest is the  most valuable.” Carat is the measuring unit of the weight of diamonds.  It’s self-evident that the carat is a part of diamonds’ value.   Finally,  you should decide where you should buy your ideal diamond rings. As a  matter of fact, we had better to pick the diamond rings in a jewelry  shop with a good reputation and a long history. But the problem is that  there are many shops with these features. So it’s important for you to  make a good choice. From the above tips, we can be very clear the tips of picking an ideal diamond ring. I hope all these tips will be of a great help to pick the diamond ring and get rid of purchasing the fakes.



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