Ways Writers Can Make Money

There are many ways writers can make money, and not all require extra writing. Whether you are interested in blogging, freelance print article writing, SEO writing, eBooks, print books, or general copywriting, there is likely a way you can make extra cash, work at home, and stay true to your love of writing.

Writing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is one of the hardest careers there is, and only those who really love writing should get into the field. The ways writers can make money do not often happen overnight, require hard work, and lots of patience.

One of the most popular ways writers can make money is blogging. It is easy to start a blog by either signing up for a free service such as Blogger or setting up a WordPress template on your own domain, but can be hard to make money quickly. Getting advertisers, using services such as Google AdSense, getting paid to post blog entries, and being listed in search engines is a lengthy process. However, there are many jobs available where you can get paid as much as $50 to post on other people’s blogs. Considering it is fairly quick and easy to write a blog post, this may be the quickest way to make good money blogging. Combining both methods is probably the best strategy, and having multiple blogs is an excellent way to maximize your chances of money-making.

Freelance print article writing is increasingly hard to break into, but is still potentially lucrative. The best way to get into article writing is to approach local newspapers and magazines about becoming a freelancer, and then try to use those clips and your story ideas to go more national. There are many books, such as the Writer’s Market, on how to approach large-scale publications with your credentials and story ideas. With some markets paying one dollar a word, print writing can be an exciting way to make a decent living.

SEO writing for sites such as eHow, Associated Content, Bright Hub, and Bukisa are great ways writers can make money. While the money is steady and stable on most sites and for most private clients, it is not going to make anyone rich. One to two cents per word rates are common, and for sites such as eHow the money is not upfront pay, but residuals from advertising and page views. Knowing keyword placement is essential to effectively working as a SEO writer, as well as reliability and good English skills.

eBooks and print books are good ways writers can make money, but require heavy marketing skills or a partner willing to do the publicity of the information product. With self-publishers such as Lulu and programs like Microsoft Word, printing an eBook or book no longer requires a large publisher or significant sum of upfront money. The key is finding a profitable and not overdone book theme.

General copywriting can be done for businesses in your community that need brochures, newsletters, and press releases. Networking and advertising is essential to use this as one of the ways writers can make money.


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