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Wear a pair of fashinable glasses, wear a smile

  • By thomasck Ogle
  • Published 01/26/2011
  • Screenplay

Are you looking for something special and elengant? Do you want to attract more attention on you? Would you like to be different from others? Have you ever dreamed of being the spotlight on the stage? Here is a necessary accessory for you to prepare, that is, a pair of fashionable glasses! It will help you to be the one — the leader of the latest fashion and the brightest star among the ordinary people! Nowadays, people’s living conditions are greatly improved. So it is possible for us to pursue a better life. We are no longer satisfied with the practical aspects of goods. That is to say, a pair of glasses should be not only useful and comfortable but also cool and good-looking in the appearance. We believe that choosing the right glasses for ourselves can raise our personal taste and show our own unique temperament! For examples, the cute pink glasses with a big spectacle frame will make your face lovelier, while the brown glasses with a black spectacle frame will go well with any hairstyle and perfectly show your special beauty. Moreover, common as it is, the transparent glasses with a black spectacle frame still have a sense of academic style, which is very popular among students. Round, oval, square or quadrate spectacle frames with various colors! There are so many kinds of glasses with different patterns and delicate designs. Just take the one you like and proudly show it around! People must be amazed by your modern image and say, “Hey, look, how fashionable he/she is!” As modern youngsters, we are doing our utmost to keep ourselves up to date. And to wear a pair of fashionable glasses is to wear a sweet smile, to live in a vigorous way, to maintain an active mind and to make everyday a brand new start!

I like listen music.

by thomasck Ogle



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