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Wear the study of clothing

  • By Kathy Kathy wl
  • Published 06/15/2011
  • Satire

The study everybody who wears clothing has own characteristic , wear clothing also want to see personal disposition. Different person returns to wear different style.   I think to wear clothing as if sweetheart as, suit own is most. Fashion develops for today, its maturation have embodied for perfect collocation the instead of sheet brilliant. Along with the development of society a person external let one mind also very much. So now, we should spend a little more time, can not only let you wear 20 collocations with 10 clothings on the collocation of garments and still exercise own sesthetic grade. Every season metropolis have new popular element enact , do not follow wind blindly, let self become trend forecast Yuan, on the contrary , have lost own style. Key is to purchase the clothing decorations of classical pattern , is durable , endure to see, at the same time, join some trend elements, not as to show too pressing. Select clothing to see personal disposition , see personal life style. Even if your clothing does not be to wash every day , but also want in condition the condition of permission strive for change every day , two sets of clothing in turn dress one week than a set of clothing company wear 3 days can let one feel you more neat , organized. Appropriate clothing is you give own also is give others a kind of with good impression.   Now select clothing us always in think of this is to suit me, this is liked by I, this is most needed by I, this is now this some kinds of most popular opinions, but me me think this some of is the matter that we should consider in the time of buying clothing. Have these considerations us can just have comparison, will just discover that more suit the own place, that lets own money flower be spend.


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