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Web Page SEO, How To Optimize Web Page With Thousands Of Keywords

  • By Juhani Tontti
  • Published 02/15/2012
  • Writing for the Web

If a marketer succeeds to get high rankings to several result pages, the landing page honestly gets a high amount of related traffic. This target is so important, that it is wise to plan the keyword families carefully and with the long tail keywords. It is important to remember, that each word and each combination of words form a different seach term for the engines. Do The Web Page SEO With The Main And Secondary Keywords. Yeah, it is so simple! And remember not to target the same keywords with other pages. This means, that you need a keyword strategy and plan. These are parts of the site structure plan. Now it is easy to optimize web pages with the maximum results. when you use the long tail keywords your every page will target to thousands of keywords, depending on how many words your selected keywords include. The Amazing Influence Of The Long Tail Keywords. When I looked my site traffic analyze from Google Analytics I found out that the traffic came from thousands of keywords. A small beck from an army of keywords. And think, how safe this situation is. The danger to loose a lot of rankings over night is minimal. Okay, Google can change the algorithms, but that is another story. The search engine creates a huge amount of keywords from one long tail keyword. That is the secret. How To Find The Long Tail Keywords? Many long tail keywords have small amount of searches as the exact terms, but when you think how many keyword variations they include, you will be astonished. Just submit your main and secondary keywords into the keyword tool and it will produce a long list with the main or secondary keywords included in each of them. Some tools use the related keyword tool to find out the search terms, which are, yes, related and thus useful. Where To Use The Main And Secondary Keywords? Different locations on the page need different keywords. Use your main and secondary keywords in the title, description, headlines, body of the text, links, images and alt tags. The title can include both keywords, the main keyword being the first words. The description can include the promise to the reader, because this will increase the click through rate, but not the ranking. Remember the call to action. It is important, that the keywords fit to the text naturally with the healthy density.

In the hyperlinks you can use th

e main and secondary keywords as anchor texts. It is useful to link to other pages and to other sites, especially when they have a high page rank. Note, that the effective web page SEO requires, that the image names and their alt tags must describe the images. Prefer To Write Long, Entertaining, Detailed, Helpful And Professional Writings. Did you know, that one fifth of the searches every day are done with the keywords, which are never used before? When you optimize web page with the long tail and relevant keywords, they will target thousands of keywords each. This sounds unbelievable, but it is true. And when your original long tail keyword is relevant, most of the keywords, which the search engine has found are relevant. Of course some are not, but who cares! Think, what a linking possibility. Of course the effective optimization is not everything, but it helps to create contacts to a maximum amount of target group persons. The writing content, entertaining, detailed, useful, helpful and professional, determines whether the other marketers want to build a link back to your page or site. The long articles share more information, than the shorter ones. They have also better opportunities to build stronger relations with the readers. This all means, that they pick more useful persons from the target group. How To Find Links? A new page is quite naked, like a child without friends. So you must build some links. The first ones can be from the other pages of your site. It is important that the page, which has the highest page rank links to the new page. This is usually the home page, but the real job is to get links from the other sites or blogs in your niche. The more competitive your niche, the more you need links. Remember that the in-text links are more powerful, than the lists. Summary. After you have written the business plan you are able to write the keyword strategy. This shows you what is required from every keyword to be relevant and describing. Then you do the site structure and use your keyword software to pick the main and secondary keywords.

Submit the main and secondary keywords into the tool and it will bring you a long list of relevant, long tail keywords. Write a text about one narrow topic using singular, plural, similar and related keywords, all long tails. Note that the keywords must fit to the text naturally. Use the main and secondary keywords in the title, description, headlines and in the external and internal links. Remember that the image names and their alt tags must be related to the image.


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