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Website Copywriting to Build Business Relationships That Generate Revenue

  • By Cathy Goodwin
  • Published 04/14/2009
  • Writing for the Web

Online business owners often think of websites as a place to sell. Of course you want to attract clients and sell products. But you can accomplish those goals with a variety of marketing tactics. Website copywriting offers a unique advantage: you can create relationships that will last a business lifetime. We will illustrate with just one example. Let’s say you’re a consultant who specializes in warehouse layout design. You want to attract clients who will hire you to manage inventory challenges. You’re an independent service professional and you want to spend more time serving clients, not chasing business at rubber chicken networking lunches. Walter the Widget Guy comes to your site. Walter’s warehouse is beginning to feel crowded. He’s starting to search for solutions. But he’s still got a few feet of cubic space so he doesn’t feel desperate. “Hmm…this consultant seems like a good choice,” he says. But then he clicks away. He’s got more pressing issues, like fixing a piece of equipment and tracking that missing order.

Two months later, Walter’s warehouse is bursting at the seams. He’s run the numbers: he really doesn’t want to buy another building. He needs to design his existing warehouse system so he can hold more inventory within the same four walls. That’s what y

ou do. And at this moment, you need to be at the top of Walter’s mind. Walter vaguely remembers seeing a few web sites for consultants he liked. But who on earth were they? He needs to make a hiring decision fast. If he doesn’t happen to see your name when he clicks on “warehouse design specialists,” you’ve just missed a lucrative opportunity. But let’s rewind back to Walter’s first visit. Suppose your website motivates visitors to leave their names and email addresses before they click away. You offer a free Report: 5 Ways to Expand Your Warehouse Space Without Moving To a New Building. Walter signed up the first time he came to your site. He began getting helpful tips every week or two, delivered through your ezine or blog updates. Maybe you’ve sent podcasts or invited Walter to some teleseminars. Now Walter the Widget Guy feels he has a relationship with you. You’ve delivered solid, helpful content with just enough sales and promotion to let him know you’re seriously in business. Just as he’s feeling desperate, he remembers your name. You have a very good chance of getting hired. You’re almost guaranteed to be on Will’s short list of consultants to interview. In fact, if your content stands out above the crowd, you might be the only resource on Walter’s short list.

This story has a happy ending. And you haven’t even eaten one rubber chicken wing.



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