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Wedding accessories make your wedding outfit more perfect

  • By mar weddingdress
  • Published 05/3/2011
  • Fiction

    Have you got your dream wedding gown? Ok, now, you’re just beginning to look forthe rest of your wedding accessories. Those little details have a big impact onyour wedding outfit such as headpiece, gloves, jewelry and so on. The importanceof the details is obvious and should be given careful consideration. Here aresome instructions for you to follow.Headpiece is the first stuff you should to select. Choose a narrow anddelicately jeweled band if your hair is short; for long hair, choose from awider silk or satin band. Choose a floral wreath if you’re wearing a semiformaldress; wear a more elegant wreath of pearls and flowers for a formal dress.Accessorize with a tiara – a fashionable, contemporary choice good for any

length hair, worn up or down. Meanwhile, use your face

shape as an additionalguide: Oval-faced women can generally choose from all styles; those with roundfaces can charm in tiaras; floral wreaths and headbands flatter women withlonger faces.Another important accessory you need to pay attention is the glove. Gloves canbe chosen in a variety of colors and fabrics to match the wedding dress, whetherit’s stark white, a creamy shade or something else. Generally, long sleeves callfor short gloves while sleeveless or short sleeve gowns look best with longgloves.There are still many other wedding accessories you have to concern. They docontribute to the look of the outfit and the comfort of the bride, like theshoes, purse, petticoat and wrap. And don’t forget to bring a spare set so thatthey don’t ruin your big day.I am a wedding dress custom made designer,Welcome to communicate with me.



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