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Wedding Budget Strategies

  • By Carolyn Anderson
  • Published 05/27/2011
  • Writing

When you are marriage-bound, the most important thing is financial capacity. When you are on a budget especially, spending hard-earned money is something to ponder. You have got to do some cost-cutting because on top of that, you will be heading for more expenses when you build a family later on. The following will help you when you are really on a budget. 1. Save enough and prepare a budget plan beforehand. How much you can afford will matter when it comes to what you actually want in your wedding. This is a precious moment of your life, so you need something special to happen. And for that to take place you need the means. 2. Don’t spend too much on bridal beauty. The bride-to-be and her entourage will look prettier and natural with simple make up. You can always choose to have an artist who is a close friend who will be more than glad to give you a discount on her services. 3. Opt for an off-season wedding. When most fiancees dream of becoming June brides, don’t hop into the same fantasy. Take note of the months when fewer weddings happen. Shops will be more lenient with their price when there are not a lot of customers. 4. Have your ceremony and reception in one spot. You won’t have the extra worry of transportation and you can save time as you can directly hold the celebration after the wedding rites. 5. Buy flowers that are in season. They will be cheaper when there is much production of these flowers than when supply is low. 6. Take your chances in finding stores that offer sales discounts. And buy in bulk on materials. The more you buy the greater discounts you’ll get. 7. It would be great for couples to split the wedding costs. Even their families can take part when they are willing. Early on, they will also learn that it feels good to share in unloading the burden of your soon-to-be spouse. 8. Your old folks might think that a beach wedding is outrageous. However, if you think that is an option to reduce the cost when you tie the knot, do it. One way or another they will hear you out on the practicality of it. 9. Slash your catering expenses and wedding invitation costs by inviting fewer people. You can make the affair exclusive to family and close friends to have less payment on food. 10. Family and friends can help you decorate and make the invitation cards. So you won’t have the costly artist do the decor for you, request your artistic kith and kin to help. They will be pleased to put their flair for art into practice.

Weddings are generally expensive. Your pocket is a critical aspect before you march down the aisle. But with a little common sense and style, you can considerably reduce the financial load. Who knows, it might even be your opportunity of developing an artistic passion.



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