Wedding Emcee Duties


Authored by Lisa Bower in Wedding 
Published on 11-21-2009

When it comes to a wedding reception and even sometimes the ceremony, an emcee is an important investment. This individual can get the attention of one’s guests and can help the wedding move along in a smooth fashion. After all, you want to signal when you are moving from appetizers to the arrival of the groom, bride, and the wedding party, and you want all eyes on the couple when they take to the floor for their first dance. The right wedding emcee will help transition people to each important piece of the reception or ceremony. The following are some basic duties of the wedding emcee.

The wedding emcee is often the individual who signals the arrival or entrance of the bride and groom to the wedding party. Often, guests arrive to the reception before the newlyweds and their wedding party. This happens to ensure that all guests are present before the festivities begin. Thus, once everyone has arrived, the wedding emcee will stop the music to announce the names of the wedding party and to start the first round of applause for the couple. Having a wedding emcee ensures that everyone knows what’s going on as it happens.

Often, dancing is a major part of any wedding reception. The wedding emcee helps to facilitate the different dances. For example, a prepared emcee can transition a reception from appetizers to music to the couple’s first dance. Moving between things like the first dance, father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance, and any other important dances takes skill and finesse.

Transitions are the bulk of a wedding emcee’s duties. During an event, he or she is responsible for keeping things moving smoothly. This means grabbing guests’ attention at the appropriate time and explaining what is about to happen. Often, the emcee will be in charge of the music, dimming the lights, and for not only announcing what event’s about to happen but who’s leading it or a part of it. This is why it is important for the emcee to be 100% prepped for the event. He or she is really the one who makes sure that things happen smoothly so that the reception is as seamless, enjoyable and as memorable as possible.

The wedding emcee is also in charge of starting off the toasts and signaling any special moments a couple has planned. For example, a couple may decide to have a group dance or may have a friend recite a poem. During such a time, the wedding emcee would be in charge of introducing the event.

A wedding emcee can be a friend or a loved one, or couple can choose to hire a professional. It is common for the disc jockey for the event to also work as the wedding emcee. The best emcees are those that are well-spoken, organized, and are able to transition from music to toasts to dances. The best wedding receptions are like a well-oiled machine. Thus, an emcee is an integral piece to any wedding’s success.


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