Wedding Gifts for Parents

When we think of “wedding gifts”, our first thoughts are what to buy for the bride and groom. Then they have to think of gifts to give to the members of their wedding party.

But how many brides and grooms really stop and consider giving “thank you” gifts to their parents? This is not only a nice gesture but is an accepted practice that will delight the parents and make them aware of how much their love as well as participation in the wedding plans and costs are appreciated.

There is a wide range of interesting suggestions and price ranges for these parent gifts depending on what the soon-to-be newlyweds can afford and the type of activities and presents their parents would enjoy.

If the bride and groom want to give a gift to both parents, keepsakes include photo albums that can be given at the time of the wedding with the promise of pictures to come from the photographer. Picture frames of all shapes, sizes, and materials or photo cubes can again be presented with the promise of later pictures to be included. There are many glass and crystal objects that can be etched by a sharp special sandblasting procedure. An engraved wooden CD holder can be a place to save a record of the ceremony as well as songs that were sung at the wedding as well as other favorite songs.

There are various shaped clocks (including hearts) that can have the wedding information imprinted, toasting flutes, cocktail shakers, ice buckets, a wine box with a bottle of wine, wedding ornaments, etc.

If you give individual gifts, for the mothers there are heartfelt sentiments on wedding handkerchiefs with the ceremony information on them, which can be tucked into an evening bag. Also offered are bracelets or necklaces, rosebud or regular vases, engraved jewelry boxes, a Mother Angel statuette, perfume in a special set, or a tote bag for all the little items that need to be taken to dress for the wedding.

For fathers there are such suggestions as golf balls in a keepsake box, golf towel, pool stick holder, toiletry bag, gym bag, a picnic cooler, money clip, tool key chain, engraved pen, paperweight, mug or stein, a framed “Daddy’s Little Girl” poem, a jewelry valet box, or something that goes with a hobby he often enjoys.

You can treat the parents upon their return home with a gourmet basket of cookies, candy, fruit, nuts, different cheeses and crackers, wine, specialty foods, bath and skin creams and lotions, or sexy pajamas.

If you want to do something extra special for the parents as a couple, you can give them a gift certificate from BnBFinder.com for as little as $100.00 for a night at a bed and breakfast to enjoy some relaxation after the wedding is all over. You can choose from 1,500 inns at a favorite destination or at the beach, mountains, skiing resort, a place where they can go antiquing, play golf or tennis, visit a spa, go to a casino, go fishing or snorkeling, or whatever would suit their particular interests.


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