Wedding Photography Ideas


Authored by Kate Beswick in Wedding
Published on 09-24-2009

We’ve all looked at wedding photo albums that are hardly original. Usually these albums show the same poses of the bride and groom staring into each other’s eyes, or with their hands overlapping. While these certainly do make for great pictures, they lack in creativity. What makes for a really great album are shots that make people ask you to drag out your wedding photo. Creative and unusual shots will make you want to keep flipping the pages of your album for years to come. The most important thing to remember when it comes to great wedding photography is that they capture the true essence of the big day – not just the same old tired poses and photos. Here are some great wedding photography ideas that will get your creativity flowing!

Of course, you’ll want some still shots of your wedding day. These are shots that have been posed and choreographed ahead of time. No wedding album is complete without these! However, you can make yours a little more unique by asking your photographer to put a different spin on them. If there’s a pose of the bride and groom, ask that they be developed in black and white. Black and whites still aren’t great for creativity but they will be if you add a splash of color! Have the entire picture show black and white but show the flowers in their vibrant color. This will not only make this one area of the photo stand out but, the entire picture too!

Other still shots that can greatly add to an album’s worthiness are unusual shots. Get a still photo of the bride’s dress hanging up on the hanger just before the bride slips it on. Or get a picture of the cleaning crew cleaning up the last of the mess after the bride, groom, and all the guests have gone home. Capturing the last of the rose petals spread out on the floor, or the congratulatory banners half-hanging off the walls scream of a great party and will definitely capture the essence of the moment!

Group photos are also a must for every wedding! But instead of arranging people in the groups that you think they should be in, have guests choose this for themselves. Ask your photographer to set a small corner aside where guests can come and get their photos taken in whatever groups they want. These photos will mean even more to you when you remember who came with whom to your wedding, or a special group of friends that are always seen together. And they’ll make a much bigger impact than simply dividing groups into coworkers and relatives!

Candid shots are another great way to capture the true feeling of the wedding atmosphere. A huge trend in candids is to ask a friend to do it or to set out disposable cameras on every table. However, doing this means asking your friends to miss the action. And often, you’ll end up with pictures that your friends think are funny, such as close-ups of their ties. Ask your photographer to do this for you instead. No one will miss out on any fun and you’ll get great, professional candid shots!


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