Wedding Trends to Watch in 2009

For those of you attending or planning a wedding in 2009, you should expect to see a few changes. Consumer tastes, the economy, and current events are bringing about new wedding trends. Here’s what to watch for in 2009:

The Dress – Some women will choose to make the dress their one big splurge, while cutting back on costs in other areas of the wedding. Classic long silhouettes are still very much in fashion. A-line dresses are by far the most popular choice, although many brides choose a ball gown. Jeweled bodices are popular, as are one-shoulder dresses, which give the look of a classical goddess. White is still the most popular color, but dresses in pink, champagne, and platinum are becoming more common.

The Vintage Look – There is a resurgence in popularity of vintage gowns, or gowns that have been handed down through the family. The most popular of all the vintage looks are inspired by the roaring twenties. The veil is back in a big way, as are a popular 1920’s fashion accessory known as the fascinator- a feathered accessory worn on the head.

The Bridesmaids – 2009 brides are kind. The long-standing tradition of putting bridesmaids in hideous dresses to accentuate the beauty of the bride is virtually unheard of these days. The modern bride generally likes her bridesmaids, and wants them to be happy. Look for flattering bridesmaids dresses to dominate the wedding party. Many prides prefer a unified color and dress style for their bridesmaids, but some brides are allowing their bridesmaids to choose any dress in a given color. Brides are actively trying to select styles that their bridesmaids will be able to wear again after the wedding.

Transportation – The limo is still considered the classic choice for wedding transportation. However, depending on your budget, you might also consider a horse drawn carriage, a vintage car, or even a hot air balloon!

The Ceremony – One very interesting trend in wedding ceremonies is to have the bride and groom facing out towards the guests, so that they can engage visually with their friends and family.

The Guest Book -The classic guest book is still popular, but many couples choose to try something different. Guests can sign a scroll, or the matting from a picture of the bride and groom, which is later framed.

The Guest List – Many couples are cutting the size of their guest lists, and opting for smaller, more intimate gatherings. A smaller guest list means the bride and groom can focus their budget on a small number of luxurious guest gifts, a gourmet tasting menu, or a perfect wedding cake.

The Cake – Tradition reigns supreme here. The white wedding cake is iconic; most cakes are frosted with buttercream or enrobed in fondant. The traditional “bride and groom” cake toppers are less popular, and are often replaced with candy flowers or the couple’s initials.

The Reception – One way of cutting wedding costs is by booking a non-traditional space for the reception. Barns, beaches, and other offbeat locations will help save the bride and groom money. With the economy in dire straits, fewer weddings may be catered events. Expect to see more “pot-luck” style receptions, where every guest brings a dish to share. One trend that is becoming very popular is the reception “candy bar,” where an assortment of candies are laid out in a buffet, and each guest can fill a small gift box with their choice of sweet treat.


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