Weight Gain After Gastric Bypass


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Weight Issues
Published on 03-04-2009

If you are extremely overweight, you might opt for gastric bypass surgery after careful consideration by you and your physicians. You can lose in excess of 100 pounds or more after a gastric bypass. During gastric bypass surgery, physicians will make your stomach smaller. It will be next to impossible to consume as much food as you did before your surgery. If you overeat, you will get ill.

However, it is possible to experience weight gain after a gastric bypass surgery in years that follow. You will probably notice the best weight loss within the first year following surgery. Many people continue losing weight until they reach a healthy weight in 1-3 years following surgery. You might lose a great deal of weight or even experience ideal weight loss only to start gaining back weight. Hopefully, you will be someone who does not gain weight after gastric bypass.

To avoid weight gain, you will need to listen to your body. When you are full, stop eating. Eat a well-balanced diet rather than eating unhealthy foods or eating when you are not really hungry You will also want to devise an exercise routine to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Consult your physician if you find that you are gaining weight at any time after gastric bypass surgery. Your primary care physician and/or your gastric bypass surgeon can help you to determine why you are gaining weight. There might be a medical reason for your weight gain. Your doctor will work to rule out any medical causes of your weight gain.

If you are not gaining weight as a result of a health problem, your doctor can help you to determine if you are taking care of yourself. They will talk to you to help you decide if you are not eating well and therefore gaining weight. Your doctor can help you to alter your fitness routine or to alter your current routine. After making any necessary adjustments to your diet or fitness routine, you might curb your weight gain.

You might gain weight after gastric bypass surgery if you revert to old habits. For example, you might have been overweight as a result of eating in order to make you feel better when you are stressed or having other problems. Just as some people become alcoholics to drown their pain, some people overeat to gain the same results. Your doctor will help you to determine if you are medicating your emotions with food.

You will need to work through your stress, sadness or other problems if you are eating as a way to make yourself feel better. Your doctor can refer you to a professional for help. Until you receive that help, it is possible that you will continue to experience weight gain after gastric bypass.

Follow all dietary instructions provided to you after your bypass surgery. Continue to eat a healthy diet in the months and years to come. If you need help staying on track, consult with your physician for a referral to a dietician. If you begin to notice you are gaining a lot of weight after gastric bypass, talk to your doctor for assistance.


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