Weight Loss Before and After What Can Happen


Authored by Rodney Southern in Weight Issues
Published on 11-25-2008

Everyone has seen the weight loss before and after pictures that all of the dieting gurus use on line and in print. It shows a pouting, slumping, heavy individual that looks like they just fell off the Krispy Kreme truck right next to a picture of a smiling, trim model that slightly resembles the individual. The truth of the matter is that these companies often take the most drastic examples for their weight loss before and after pictures. Trying to live up to these examples is a tall order, and most people fail. What is the difference between those people that fail, and the people in the weight loss before and after pictures?

One difference is that the people in the weight loss before and after pictures are usually highly driven individuals. These are people that have hit a breaking point in their lives. Maybe a divorce, or a health issue, or even a new boyfriend or girlfriend is driving these folks to make drastic changes. Are these incredible transformations for real, though? Yes they are if you are willing to put in the work.

This does not mean that every person that wants to can have the same drastic results of the weight loss before and after people in the pictures. It does mean, however, that you can make a drastic difference in your weight and health by dedicating yourself in a similar way. What is possible is that you can lower your chances of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. It is possible that you can suddenly find yourself fitting into clothes that you have not been able to wear in years. In cases where everything happens just right, and you are highly dedicated, it is possible that you will have similar or better results to the people in the weight loss before and after pictures.

For this to happen, you will need to dedicate yourself to whatever it takes to lose weight. No sugar, low fat and exercise is only a portion of the process. You have to change your entire lifestyle. You have to decide that your life and health are more important to you than a temporary pleasure. That is a drastic change for most people, and particularly someone that is obese. The reason is because your habits are usually firmly entrenched when you are obese. An obese person often has given up in a manner of speaking to allow themselves to become so heavy. That said, you must change your entire mental make up.

Next time you see the weight loss before and after pictures, remember that these are not typical results. If you knew, for example, that you could lose twenty pounds over the next month you would be excited. That is a realistic expectation for most people. Trying to lose weight at a fast rate can be dangerous and should not ever be done without a doctor involved.

If you are patient and willing to lose weight the healthy way, then you will see results. It is not a race, and you should take your time trying to get their in a healthy safe way. With time and effort, you might just be one of the people on the weight loss before and after commercials.


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