Weight Loss for Kids How To Start Your Child On a Diet


Authored by Rodney Southern in Weight Issues
Published on 12-06-2008

If you are a parent, then you are familiar with trying to regulate weight loss in kids. At a minimum, you are familiar with attempting to keep your child on a healthy diet. This challenge extends to virtually every part of the day, and can be overwhelming if you do not have some type of plan. This is particularly true of kids that are already overweight. Here are some top tips for ensuring that your child stays healthy and keeps any weight gain under control.

The first thing to remember is that kids will eat what is out there. If you have Oreos, Popsicles, and Candy Bars in the kitchen, why would any self respecting child choose an apple? Give them healthy options as the only option. Do not leave unhealthy options anywhere that the child may be tempted. This will set them up for future healthy choices as well.

Resist the urge to limit food. If you keep a child from eating when they are hungry, then they will eventually develop problems with food. This can cause all kinds of hills and valleys throughout the day, and these fluctuations are sure to be more harmful than that extra serving of mashed potatoes every would.

Never, ever use food as a reward. This is putting a very negative emphasis on the purpose of food. This can lead to major weight problems, and should never be done. Instead, pick a great exercise option that will add to their health. Yes, this includes offering up a trip to McDonalds.

Always eat together at the table. This encourages communication and good eating habits. It gives you the window into the soul of your teen, and lets them know that you are there for them. Keep all the food in the kitchen, however. This will allow you to control how much food is put on the plate. Healthy portions begins with the server. If you give them a healthy amount of each food, then chances are they will eat it. Keeping the food on the table encourages seconds, hungry or not!

Use the professional sources that are out there. The reason that a Dietitian exists is to help you with problems eating. This can be a fantastic resource, and is well worth the investment in your child’s health. Give in and ask for help when your child is having a weight issue. The peace of mind, and helpful effects on your child’s health will make you forget all about the money.

These are some of the primary tips for controlling your child’s diet. The key is to have them eating healthy foods without them realizing that they are doing so. It is a challenge to build good habits. Once good eating habits are in place, then children will generally stick to the program. Just the same, if they are given bad habits, they will stick like glue to that as well. The choice is yours.


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