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Welcome to the September Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper 2010



Tom presents I have a HUNCH you don’t know much about Pens… posted at Goldspot Pens. Review of how the heralded “recommendation engine” Hunch performs when searching for a pen.

David Garrett presents Noodler’s Kung Te-Cheng ink review posted at seize the dave.

Patrick Sikes presents Blue Hawaii – A new line of handcrafted pens inspired by Hawaii posted at The Norsk Woodshop. Preview of a new line of pens being developed by The Norsk Woodshop.

Julie (Okami) presents Featured Pen – Waterman’s Ink-Vue posted at Whatever.

Margana presents One Of Those New Noodler’s Pens posted at An Inkophile’s Blog. Yes, that’s right. Noodler’s Ink has crossed over and released two fountain pens. Of course, I just had to try one of them.

Clement Dionglay presents Fountain Pen Review: Schneider iD posted at Rants of The Archer.

Cheryl presents Uni-ball Jetstream Color Ballpoint Pen Review posted at Writer’s Bloc Blog.


Peter Warrior presents Stunning Masterpieces Carved on the Tip of a Pencil! posted at Tiger Pens Blog.

Clement Dionglay presents Take me to your leadholders. posted at Leigh Reyes. My Life As a Verb..


David Garrett presents Quo Vadis Habana review posted at seize the dave.

Heather presents Rhodia Webnotebook posted at A Penchant for Paper.

Clement Dionglay presents Notebook Review: Reecovid Notepad posted at Rants of The Archer.

Nifty Notebook presents Field Notes 50 States Boxed Set posted at Notebook Stories.

travisthetrout presents How to: Keep a Goal Journal: the notebook posted at Notes in a Book.

Sophia Verzosa presents Rhodia Webnotebook version 3: even better than before + Giveaway! posted at For love and idleness. The giveaway is over, but still a great write up.

Cynthia Niklas presents Contact Keeper Notebook Review and Giveaway posted at Journaling Arts.

Wrapping it all up:

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a blog post for this month’s carnival of pen, pencil, and paper, and please continue to keep on submitting entries going forward.  Next month, Cynthia from Journaling Arts will be hosting the Carnival, so submit your posts here, and many thanks to Nifty from Notebook Stories for getting this all set up!

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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