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Wellknown and classic watches men pursue

  • By Tinker Mcdowell
  • Published 02/21/2011
  • Poetry

In  the mordern world, it’s a coincidence in people’s mind that a man’s  taste is judged by his watch and a woman’s is judged by her bag. Thus it  can be seen that how important watches are for men. To a large extent,  watches could display men’s taste, social status as well as wealth. So  what kind of watches can attract men’s attention?   Rolex.  Rolex has gained a large number of successful men’s favorable comment  due to its elegance, practical utility and low key. Rolex is always  considered as one of the leaders in mechanical watch industry all over  the world. There are four categories of Rolex catering to men, including  Explorer, Submariner, GMT Master and Cosmograph. Price of Rolex is  high, ranging from 1000$ to 15000$ in the international market but  people think it’s certainly worth it. Omega.  Omega is the famous watch for which modern young men yearn and many  well-known Super Stars have endorsed the brand. Omega has made  remarkable achievements in watch exhibitions, military applications,  sports competition, official timing and chronometer certificates etc.Jaeger  Le Coultre. Jaeger Le Coultre is the typical brand in Switzerland,  ranking the tenth place of famous watches in the world. Jaeger Le  coultre has possessed countless patents. High-quality movement produced  by Jaeger Le Coultre plays a decisive role in watch industry.                            Girard  Perregaux. In order to provide perfect products, Girard Perregaux  controls the output all the time. Perfect Tourbillion created by the  brand has ever made people admire it greatly. At present, Girard  Perregaux is one of the minority manufacturers that could produce  movement. Piaget.  Piaget could fully display men’s perfect style. The brand has attracted  many celebrities’ attention, from Super Stars to presidents in some  countries. All manufacturing processes of Piaget are completed by  itself. Breitling.  Breitling has a laudatory title called “Aviation Computer”. The brand  has obtained chronometer certificate from Swiss Precision Timepieces  Ofiicial Testing Center each mechanical watch producer pursues.  Breitling could completely show men’s masculinity.  



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