What are Personal Chef Jobs?

Personal chef jobs are often misunderstood and looked upon wrongly. There are a lot of different methods to being a personal chef. The chosen methods depend entirely on the needs of the client as well as the willingness and skills of the personal chef. Let’s take a look at some of the various forms of being a personal chef.

On-site personal chefs are chefs who actually work where the meals are taken. They tend to work in private households and are not necessarily employed only by the wealthy. Most of the time they do more than just cook meals. They make the menus and do the shopping. They may even do other household tasks that are seemingly unrelated to cooking. There are many benefits to this position for the personal chef as well as the clients he or she serves.

The wage scale for the on-site personal chef varies with the needs of the clients, the skill of the chef and the benefit package. Some personal chefs do receive benefits such as insurance and paid time off. That part of their wage package tends to depend on the ability of the clients. Those who strive to be in this position should probably take note of some of the possible expectations.

Some of the things that a personal chef would be expected to do would be to plan and orchestrate holiday dinners and family get togethers. They may also do the grocery shopping, meal planning and strive to meet the health needs of the clients they serve. These are all important aspects of the career of a personal chef. The wage scale for doing this tends to range between $15 and $35 an hour. Again, this varies with the abilities of the clients and the entire wage package as a whole.

For those who prefer not to be an on-site personal chef and do enjoy working independently, an off-site personal chef career may be something they want to consider. This position can encompass a wide range of responsibilities but would also bring a certain amount of freedom. Off-site chefs may be asked to cater specific functions or may simply deliver a meal or group of meals to a place on a regular schedule.

The wage scale for an off-site chef can be calculated in a variety of ways. Sometimes off-site personal chefs work for large companies who “farm out” chefs to those that need them. They may be paid per job or paid per hour. The client will then simply receive an invoice and pay it. Personal chefs who are independent may charge by the meal, a fee such as a weekly fee or may make an entirely different arrangement.

By and large, the career of a personal chef requires education in the dietary field, some people skills, discipline and organizational skills. There are a wide variety of options to choose from in this field and every reason to think there is a possibility of success. After all, people do need to eat and someone has to feed them! With so much health awareness going on now, it’s the perfect time to put those dietary skills to good use as a personal chef!


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