What Are Some of the Pros and Cons of Nursing Homes?


Authored by Heaven Stubblefield in Family
Published on 01-19-2010

Sadly to say, more times than not we may all have to face that difficult question of whether or not to put one of our loved ones into a nursing home. The decision that you make cannot be taken lightly and should take a lot of deliberation before doing so. This decision does not only affect those being put in the nursing home, but it also impacts the lives of everyone that might be involved.

It is important that you sit down and weigh out all of the costs, the pros, the cons, everything that will affect you and your loved one. Remember this: you must realize that if the person is coherent, then you are dealing with their happiness as well.

Another important thing to remember in your search for a nursing home is to try to find the best one in your area, that the budget will allow. You don’t need to be worried about whether or not your loved one is receiving quality care.

Here are a few pros and cons to placing your loved one in a nursing home.


1. If you have found a good placement, you can rest assure that your loved one will be closely watched. They will have around the clock care from the in house nursing staff and will also have a host of medical professionals caring for them including visits from doctors whenever it is needed.

2. You can be certain that they will more than likely get a better diet, more suited for them. A lot of seniors have to be put on special diets for particular ailments that they might have and this might be difficult to maintain should they be living at home with you. Their diets may not be a type of diet that you will be able to fix properly or even eat yourself. At a nursing home they will be monitored closely by dieticians or nutritionists. They will make sure that your loved one receives the proper diet that they require.

3. They are better equipped to move a patient and take care of their needs should they no longer be ambulatory. This type of work might be too taxing on you, especially if you have to work outside the home as well.


1. You may not be able to find a nursing home that is close enough for you to visit every day, and this can be a very difficult situation to be in. It’s the parting that is painful for all those involved and knowing that you will no longer be able to see them whenever you want to.

2. The worst part of placing your loved one in a nursing home is that they may feel like they are no longer wanted or welcome in your home and this can have a devastating affect on their mental health. This all can lead to depression and maybe even later to worsening their health. It is important as a family member that you explain to them more than once the reasons why they are being placed in a nursing home. Also, always make sure to be there whenever you can, but never promise them a visit if you can’t make it. This will only make matters worse.


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