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What are the Best Selling Notebooks

I’ve often looked at the top selling pens on Amazon to try and get an idea what people are buying besides the god awful G2, but I realized today that its been a while since I looked at the top selling notebooks.  If you ever found yourself asking what are the best selling notebooks, then here is your answer, at least according to this list via Amazon.

Leuchtturm1917 Writing Sample Showing Minimal Bleed with Most Pens

Similar to the top pens list, the top Notebook has a glaring problem, and its spelled “Moleskine” unfortunately.  Five of the top ten notebooks are Moleskine notebooks and I think we can all recognize that their inconsistent paper quality, and lack of being fountain pen friendly with lots of feathering and show-through even with non-fountain pens make them a poor choice.  The good  news though is that many of the top notebooks are Leuchtturm1917 s which are definitely an upgrade from the faulty Moleskines, which I’ve said in the past.


Personally I’m a fan of Black n’ Red notebooks (via Amazon) and Rhodia Notebooks (via Amazon) and they are usually my go to choices in this hard cover category when I’m not using my Levenger Circa stuff.  Shockingly, the Black n’ Red notebook only eeks its way into the top 100 on Amazon, sitting at #98, and Rhodia is nowhere to be found on the top 100 list. Keep things like this in mind when you are looking for other products on Amazon, its very possible you can find much better items in a category that aren’t even on any of those lists.

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