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What are the different australian grammar school fees?

Grammar school fees vary for the different schools in the different territories of Australia. Schools in Sydney will be more expensive, than the Grammar school fees in the Outback. One of the most important things in choosing your school is the prospectus of the different schools. If the prospective school is out of your territory, you need to see if they offer boarding school options. Choosing a schools can be quite daunting. Many parents look to the internet and compare the different facilities available. Grammar-school fees will also play an important part, as well as word-of mouth from parents whose children attend the different schools. Remember, there is no better reference than that of a parent whose child attends that organization in question.  

The Knox, a day education provider, is located in Melbourne, Victoria near the suburb of Wantirna. This only accommodates about 800 children and the classes have a maximum of 24 students. This means your child will have individual attention. The grades taught are from Pre-Prep to Year Twelve and is divided into four sub-schools: the Junior Playgroup (which contains Playgroup, the Early Learning Centre and years up to four); The Lower Middle, years five to seven; Upper Middle-School has years eight and nine; and Senio-School has years ten to twelve.   The school colors are blue, gold and maroon and the school’s mascot is the falcon. One of the great things about this education provider is that it is accredited with the Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne; this means that your child is getting quality education. It is a non-religious-school, so families of any religion can send their children and know they will not be persecuted for their religious beliefs. 

Grammar school fees for the Knox range $7,900 to $14,920 per year. Grammar school fees for the Geelong-School, a boarding school, are the most expensive out of all the schools.  The school contains four campuses: Corio for years five to eight, and years ten to twelve (it is both a boarding and day school); Bostock House is a day school and has Preschool to year four; Toorak Campus and has years Preschool to six; and Timbertop has year nine. Grammar-school fees for this school differ so much as you have the option of sending your child to day or boarding school.


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