What are the Foot Modeling Jobs

Being a model is not all about having a pretty face that lands cosmetic contracts or a slim and sexy body that becomes the cover of top magazines such as Sports Illustrated. A model might be hired to do leg work, or specifically model jobs that focus on the feet or the hands. They are called body models but perhaps the more challenging to get into are the foot models.

A foot model may sound like a very strange job but many models make quite a lot of money doing advertising campaigns for a jewelry shop, pedicure and foot massage services, shoes of all kinds, nail polish, creams and lotions. These are just a few of the advertising needs that require foot models.

Foot models are frequently photographed and filmed where the client, director and producer are looking for someone with flawlessly beautiful feet. But some advertising campaigns may require the foot model to have weird looking feet or feet with prominent veins. Just like any modeling job, what your feet do and how they would look like really depends on what is required for a specific advertising campaign.

Becoming a foot model has many advantages. Aside from the fact that it pays well, being a foot model can lead to other types of modeling jobs that would include not only your feet but also your whole legs or even your whole body. Casting directors and agents will definitely notice if you maintain a good figure and take care of yourself well.

While the competition may be tough, foot models are rather in demand these days. But it takes great effort and a lot of work to maintain feet that are most sought after by clients and advertising agencies. Most foot models, especially the ones that are used in cosmetics and beauty products, have to keep their feet free from blemishes, calluses, corns and other similar skin conditions. The overall skin should be kept smooth and even colored.

Since feet are often the most worked parts of the body and are always subject to a number of bad elements, foot models go to extra lengths to make sure that they maintain good-looking pair of feet. There must be no obvious veins and not a single hair should be visible. Skin pores should be small or even invisible as feet always get close-up shots.

Foot models regularly monitor their diet. Salt, caffeine and excessive amount of alcohol are no-no’s to a foot model’s diet as they cause the feet to swell.

Like any other model jobs, the surest way to start your foot model career is by enlisting with an agency that represents body parts model. You can mail your portfolio or attend one of its open calls and audition. There are a limited number of agencies that specifically deal with body parts modeling although regular modeling agencies also handle body parts models now. You have to be flawless and perfect if you want to keep a steady income job. A single corn or callous can definitely put you out of work tentatively. It is a tough job. Some may even call it an odd job but still a job nonetheless.


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