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What are the Most Popular Notebooks

istock_000015438900xsmall-300x199-9495706 About this time last year I did a post on the top gel ink pens as identified by their Amazon sales rank, that I had intended to follow on with a look at the most popular notebooks and journals.  Well Brad’s post the other day on his top 5 micro tip gel ink pens, sparked my memory that I had never actually gone back to do my follow up on the notebooks.  Based on the results you are about to see, maybe I should have left well enough alone and just forgot about looking at these, but nonetheless here they are. To say that the list of top selling notebooks on Amazon is a disappointment would be like saying that the Grand Canyon is just a “big hole” in the ground.  Lets take a look at what I found, shall we?  Here are the top 5 by sales in the notebook category on Amazon:

1.  Mead Black Marble Wide-Ruled Composition Book 
2.  Moleskine Large Ruled Journal
3.  Livescribe Single Subject Notebooks
4.  Mead Single Subject Notebook Green
5.  Mead Single Subject Notebook Red

So other than the Livescribe notebooks that go with the Livescribe Smart Pen, this has to be the most uninspiring, non-interesting, and utilitarian list of the most popular notebooks I’ve seen anywhere.  I’m surprised that nothing more interesting comes up.  I’ve probably got at least enough favorites to make a top 10 list, but I’m more curious to hear your feedback on your favorites, especially if you have a favorite that I have not yet reviewed here.  Maybe I am just a notebook snob, but I have to kind of think that if you are here reading this, you must likely are one as well.  Share your favorite or top 5/10 list in the comments below if you desire, its got to be better than what people on Amazon are buying! 🙂

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